Blasphemische Tat

Blasphemous Act - 5 versions

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Planeton(2018-02-27 19:04)

Und ICH schraube gerade an nem Deck mit Act, Hornet Nest, Hour of Devastation und anderen Defenders, wie Wall of Blossoms, Wall of Mulch und der Verzauberung 'Angriffsformation'...

Calmares(2015-05-11 19:46)

Travis Woo schraubt gerade an einem Moderndeck namens Act of Bees, das Act sowohl mit Boros Reckoner als auch mit Hornet Nest kombiniert. Bisher sieht es recht kompetitiv aus.

Dacaldha(2015-05-10 10:24)

Kombiniert mit Boros Reckoner oder Mogg Maniac, wird der Schaden auch auf den Gegner geschossen.


Bridgevine's Missing Piece

Constructedvon Andifeated (2019-06-13)

It was obvious that Modern Horizons would introduce some cards to the Modern metagame to help fringe strategies push their way into the meta. Nobody expected the monster that Wizards would unleash with Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis. Read about Bridgevine's rise from fringe status to potentially format defining.

Show Your Colors Part 1 - Picking a Mono-Colored Commander

Constructedvon RJGiel (2019-02-18)

In this series, I'd like to talk about picking a commander based on its colors. In this article, we will start by looking at the mono-colored options and the challenges that will come with building one.

When a Hug Doesn't Mean Love: Kynaios and Tiro Deck Tech

Constructedvon RyanS (2018-11-27)

Ryan is back with more Commander deck techs. This time he's playing politics with a group hug pet project. Join him as he explains the art of the "deal."

Dont Bore Us - Spicing up Boros Archetypes in Cube

Limitedvon SanchoN (2018-04-06)

Boros is often typecast for the role as an all-out fast and wide attacker in cubes. In this installment of Cube for Squares we first take a look at the traditional Boros part of the passionate fighter in some of its already thoroughly examined variants. Afterwards we ask if there’s room for the old action hero to widen its repertoire and try out characters more often played by other guilds.

Command and Partner

Financevon DrHoeh (2016-11-02)

The complete deck lists are available and there has already been a shift in sales prices for the complete decks as well as for all the single cards.

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