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Lion's Eye Diamond - 1 versions

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kirchi(2018-05-08 16:21)

Wird vermutlich wie bei allen anderen Karten gerade gleich sein. Ich denke das Leute wieder diesen buyout oder wie das heißt versuchen. Ist zurzeit so gut wie bei allen Karten der reserved Liste
Ist nur meine Vermutung

MTG-Hameln(2018-05-06 23:04)

Kann mir jemand erklären, warum LED gerade in der letzten Zeit im Preis so explodiert ist?

Ignorama(2017-08-26 21:35)

Black Lotus macht ebenfalls nur drei Mana EINER Farbe. Der einzige (und natürlich fürs Powerlevel/ die Verwendbarkeit entscheidende) Unterschied ist die Discard-Klausel, ansonsten sind LED und Lotus gleich.

Elvramir(2017-08-19 17:21)

Sehe ich das richtig das ich damit "nur" drei mana EINER Farbe erzeugen kann und nicht drei mana einer beliebigen Kombination von Farben wie beim Schwarzen Lotus?

OutbreakOfEvil(2016-07-19 08:42)

Bin ich froh, dass ich Vintage spiele und somit nur 1 LED brauche, den ich mir angetauscht habe, als er nur 40€ kostete. Geniales Teil und der vermeintliche Nachteil lässt sich durch Aktivieren in Reaktion auf Draw7s oder YawgWin umgehen.

Ganymedical(2016-07-14 07:10)

Super Teil, Unersetzlich in diversen Decks! Ich weiß noch, dass ich irgendwann mal 2 Stück für jeweils 3,50 gekauft hab. vor... 10 Jahren oder so.

lordganon(2015-08-24 14:50)

Ich kann mich noch gut daran erinnern als die Karte nix wert war. Da hat ein Kollege von mir die Karte zerissen :)

Creel(2015-05-10 01:19)

Diese aktivierte Fähigkeit ist eine Manafähigkeit und kann z.B. nicht von Pithing Needle gestoppt werden.


Switching Green for White in ANT

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Viewed by many as the hardest deck in Legacy, ANT is a complex combo deck that is difficult to play and even more demanding to master. However, there are plenty of simple lines of play that can help improving results and one’s overall expertise.

Behind the Tag - Deck Stories Part 2

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Have you ever asked yourself why a deck with three Urza lands is called Tron? Why is a Mono Blue Combo Deck named after a card that has never been a part of it? Read more about the stories of four decks in the second part of Behind the Tag.

Hitting Blind - The Full Guide to Cabal Therapy

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If you've read Andifeated's last two articles, you should've learned a lot about playing Dredge in Legacy already, but there is one important topic that hasn't been discussed yet and it might be the hardest area of the archetype: Casting Cabal Therapy correctly. Learn how to pick em right here!

Advanced Tips and Tricks for Playing Legacy Dredge

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Last time, Andifeated introduced you to his pet deck in his Legacy Dredge deck discussion. Because the deck is very complex and hard to master, this time, he will teach you all the important rules, interactions, and tricky plays that a masterful Lich Lord can use to his advantage in order to maximize the deck's potential.

Cantripping through Memory Lane: Legacy Solidarity

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It has been a while, but a brand new card from Ravnica revived Solidarity and could make it great again. It's a return to the roots of Legacy players everywhere.

The Bogeyman is Back: A Legacy Dredge Primer

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Deathrite Shaman was considered to be the evil bane of the Legacy Format and many players wanted it to be banned in order to make the format great again. They forgot an ancient beast that terrorized the Legacy format before Deathrite Shaman was printed in 2012. Learn about the rising threat from the grave and how to defeat or join them in Andifeated’s up to date Dredge Primer.

Paradoxical Outcome in Vintage: The New Hotness?

Constructedvon Elric (2018-10-25)

Vintage format has been revolutionized by a card capable of winning games at instant speed and all on its own. It's not only because of its raw power, but also because of how easy it is to build balanced and synergistic decks around it. Pietro is here to tell you everything you could possibly want to know about Paradoxical Outcome in Vintage.

Melting Ice: Flipping Thing in the Ice in Legacy

Constructedvon CabalTherapy (2018-10-11)

A 7/8 creature for two mana that does not see play in Legacy? That is totally unheard of! But that is currently the horror's fate. I think it is time to melt the ice.

Premodern: Why Is It Becoming Popular and Where Is It Headed

Constructedvon Elric (2018-09-25)

Premodern is an "old school" balanced format for nostalgic players but is not too expensive nor too limited when it comes to its card pool. Its future will depend on the players that it will attract, as well as the overall support it will get.

Five Legacy Decks That Could Play Snapcaster Mage But Don't

Constructedvon CabalTherapy (2018-08-29)

No other creature plays such an important role in Legacy and Modern alike. Snapcaster Mage truly is the most flexible creature in all competitive Magic and, for some reason, there are still some decks not playing him.

MKM Series 2018 Prague: The Death of Delver

Event-Coveragevon CabalTherapy (2018-08-02)

Shorty after the groundbreaking ban of Deathrite Shaman and Gitaxian Probe, the MKM Series visited Prague, eagerly awaiting a brand new Legacy format and the new brews it would entail. Miracles ended up the best-performing deck and carried the once mighty Delver to its grave.

The Next Step for Storm

Constructedvon CabalTherapy (2018-08-01)

No more Shaman, no more Probe. Storm lives on but will have to adapt and change much like everything else. Seizing opponents' thoughts and wrapping them in tendrils is still going to be one of the best ways of ending games of Legacy, even if its players are forced to adapt.

Burning Reanimator in 2018: A Dormant Monster

Constructedvon CabalTherapy (2018-06-19)

Is there a Reanimator deck more powerful and brutal than the common black-red and blue-black variants? A deck that can choose to win via Empty the Warrens, Tendrils of Agony, and Griselbrand? Definitely! But it's remained underneath the surface for far too long.

Five Common Mistakes Inexperienced Legacy Players Make

Constructedvon CabalTherapy (2018-06-08)

In a format as complex as Legacy mistakes occur frequently. Many of those mistakes are easily dismissed as miscalculations on intricate game states. This being said, many of these mistakes are easily preventable and Robert has decided to tackle some of them here.

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