Kapitän Sisay

Captain Sisay - 2 versions

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InFlames88ad(2017-08-30 01:56)

Jetzt dank der Regeländerungen kann man sich Planeswalker fetchen.nett.


Rotation Grief: Dominaria (Part 2)

Constructedvon Kumagoro (2019-10-02)

The Standard Rotation is upon us. The coming meta will be shaped, in part, by what we lose. We've reached the end of this journey of grief (or jubilation, depending on who you ask) as we look into the red, green, multicolored, and colorless cards we'll have to remove from our Standard decks as Dominaria rotates out.

The Way They Were: Ten Modern Horizons Callbacks

Spoilervon Kumagoro (2019-06-24)

Modern Horizons was expressly designed to introduce powerful cards into the Modern pool. To this end, it employed a triple approach: brand new cards; reprints that weren't Modern-legal yet; and last but not least, cards that mimic signature spells from the past. Let's give a shoutout to these callbacks.

Commander Cards on the Horizon - 1

Spoilervon RJGiel (2019-06-11)

All the cards in Modern Horizons have been spoiled and, oh boy, is it a treat for Commander players. Let's take a look the most noticeable cards for your commander decks, both in the lead slot and in the 99.

Dominaria: A History

Unterhaltungvon JohnnyCroat (2018-05-09)

In this article, I address the large, complicated, and sometimes nonsensical history of Magic's most storied plane: Dominaria. We return to the past and analyze why History is so important to Dominaria and what references the new set makes to that extensive and fantastical History.

Resolving the stack

Financevon DrHoeh (2017-08-31)

Now is the time to lean back and watch my spells resolve – figuratively speaking.

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