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pemko(08.05.2015 13:16)

Sehr stark, wenn man mono-red spielt und der Gegner viele Spezialländer hat. Extrem krass in Mutliplayer!

donjahgon(07.05.2015 22:40)

absoluter geheimtipp auch im commander oder highlander deck! note: 2+


Exclusive Preview: Three New Cards on Modern's Horizon

Spoilervon TobiH (2021-05-27)

Here's an exclusive first look at three cards from the upcoming Modern Horizons 2. Two of them could go into the same strategy, two benefit more creative deck building, two are completely new designs never seen before, and one is a card that has never been reprinted in 21 years!

A Look at the Top 16 Legacy Decks from Cardmarket Series Prague

Event-Coveragevon CabalTherapy (2019-11-29)

Wrenn and Six got hit by the ban hammer last week, which added extra spice to the Legacy portion of the last stop of the Cardmarket Series 2019. The 248 player strong event showed a pretty diverse and healthy metagame: 14 different archetypes ended up in the Top 16.

Deck Review: Blue-Red Delver in Legacy

Constructedvon Rone (2019-11-12)

Rone returns to his Legacy review series focused on Delver variants. This time he aims at the Izzet version where Dreadhorde Arcanist has become the newest all-star—thanks to the combination of tons of cantrip and burn spells. Check it out!

Legacy Burn is Great Right Now

Constructedvon CabalTherapy (2019-09-19)

Is Wrenn and Six everywhere in your meta? Are people grinding you out with Astrolabe? There's a simple solution and CabalTherapy breaks it down in this article. The short answer is - Just Play Burn!

Wasteland Misplays and You

Constructedvon Andifeated (2019-09-18)

Wasteland has been a mainstay of the Legacy format ever since its introduction. The card is very unique and efficient at what it does, so it's natural that players make a lot of mistakes while playing with it. Learn everything Andifeated knows about one of Legacy's most iconic cards, both playing with and against it.

Three Decks for Beginners in Legacy

Constructedvon ChristopherB (2019-02-19)

Getting into Legacy is quite difficult. The Reserved List made many keycards expensive and the deck variety is high. Here are three decks that are comparatively cheap and powerful to start Legacy.

Changing Tides: U/R Delver in Legacy

Constructedvon CabalTherapy (2018-10-24)

For many years, U/R Delver has been a great choice for aggro players in Legacy. Its damage output via Delver of Secrets and Monastery Swiftspear fueled by Gitaxian Probe allowed for insane starts. But does it work nowadays?

Mono-Red Insight: A History From Amonkhet to Dominaria

Constructedvon Rone (2018-04-09)

Hasty creatures, direct damage and painful deserts: mono-red is one of the most successful decks in Standard since Amonkhet was released. From its origins to the recent banning and right down to its various configurations, we are going to break down the fastest deck in the format.

Bringing Commander 1v1 From The Kitchen Table to the Tournament Table

Constructedvon Elric (2018-03-12)

Born as a causal format and intended for funny multiplayer games, today Commander 1v1 has garnered a large community and needs to move forward. This article will examine the major distinctions between the main Commander 1v1 formats and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

The good, the bad and the trap

Financevon DrHoeh (2016-06-27)

Future Sight is 20/20!

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