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Limited Lessons from Prerelease Weekend

Limitedvon TobiH (2020-01-21)

Sealed Deck is a different animal than Booster Draft. Nonetheless, it's the best way to get acquainted with a lot of new cards quickly, to learn the parameters of a Limited environment, and to find recurring patterns. Here are some lessons from having played with twenty Sealed Decks!

Storming Off in Standard

Constructedvon JaminK (2018-06-01)

While everyone else in Standard is busy resolving [Walking Ballista or Teferi, Hero of Dominaria, Jamin counts to fifty life instead. This mono blue newcomer has a lot of spice and Jamin explores whether it has what it takes to compete in a stacked Standard format.

Journey to Bologna Part II: Getting Ahead in Team Limited

Limitedvon Andifeated (2018-04-20)

Preparing for a team limited tournament and wondering what other players think is important when faced with the challenge of an upcoming Grand Prix Event? Follow Andifeated's Guide on getting your team together and ready for the Grand Prix Bologna's limited contest.

Team Sealed in Rivals of Ixalan

Limitedvon ChristianS (2018-03-27)

Team Sealed is one of the most complex and deep Limited formats in Magic: The Gathering. It requires teamwork, compromise, and an extensive knowledge of Limited Magic. Christian sits down with a randomized sealed pool to show you the ins and outs of Team Sealed, just in time for the GP in Amsterdam.

The 5 Best Land-Fetching Spells and Their Categories

Unterhaltungvon Kumagoro (2018-02-14)

In a typical game of Magic, lands are the main mana producers, the fuel for the majority of spells and the more fuel you have, the farther you can travel along the mana curve. Enter several categories of spells whose main or only purpose is to increase your land count, for a variety of purposes.

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