Commander Deck Tech: Fright Night


This monoblack deck plays nicely with your opponents…' permanents. Your opponents themselves, well, they should be afraid. Very afraid. One would expect no less from the God of Fright, of course, and Tergrid does not disappoint. Spook the competition and make their own weapons come back to haunt them!

tergrid - lantern

The God of Fright is a very good description for a commander that wants players to discard cards and sacrifice their permanents so that it can steal them for itself. When opponents see Tergrid as the commander, they start showing feelings of unease and discomfort. This can either be a positive, distracting a player before the game even begins, or negative as it immediately turns everyone against us from the very first turn on. With Tergrid, God of Fright // Tergrid's Lantern Kaldheim gave us a new double-faced monoblack commander with a powerful, synergy-driven effect on the front side and an alternative win condition on the back side (provided you can generate a lot of mana).

tergrid tergrid's lantern

Symmetrical Effects

In order to maximize the value we gain from Tergrid's effect, we should prioritize cards that affect each opponent or each player. Keep in mind, even if we lose X number of cards/permanents together with our opponents, we are still netting more stuff than we put in. Most importantly, we actually gain more stuff than what our opponents are losing. If our opponents have to sacrifice one creature each, we may be gaining three. So spells like Awaken the Erstwhile, Dark Deal, Smallpox, Fraying Omnipotence, and Death Cloud can be game ending even if they affect us as well.

awaken the erstwhile fraying omnipotence

Sacrifice Your Creatures, Please

Of course we need to have Tergrid present on the battlefield to be able to steal our opponent's stuff. However, don't be afraid to play edict effects even when our commander has not come out to play yet. This is a form of control deck, after all, and since our commander costs five mana to cast, we might find ourselves vulnerable until then. For that reason, we want to consider cards like Demon's Disciple, Fleshbag Marauder, Merciless Executioner, and Plaguecrafter as removal spells to disrupt our opponents. Liliana's Triumph, Soul Shatter, Szat's Will, and Vona's Hunger add extra edict effects at instant speed.

demon's disciple szat's will

In order to put more pressure on our opponents, we can include other creatures that also force sacrifices, making sure to clear their board and take those creatures ourselves. Anowon, the Ruin Sage, Archfiend of Depravity, and Sheoldred, Whispering One are the prime examples here, while Rankle, Master of Pranks and Vindictive Lich are very flexible in their ability that we can choose which effect to activate depending on the situation.

Discard Your Cards, Please

Another effective way to keep our opponents off balance is to attack their hands. It's nice when we get to steal cards with Tergrid this way, but even just disrupting an opponent's strategy until we set up our own game plan is quite relevant. Mind Rake, Syphon Mind, Delirium Skeins and Stronghold Rats are perfect for either goal. Most notably, we can sacrifice Mindslicer to one of our own edict effects and make everyone discard their entire hand.

syphon mind mindslicer

The Lantern Plan

If we run out of spells to force our opponents to sacrifice creatures or discard cards, we can always cast our commander's other side, Tergrid's Lantern. This artifact makes an opponent lose 3 life unless they sacrifice a nonland permanent or discard a card. If we manage to generate a lot of mana, we can even activate it several times per turn and slowly drain our opponents of options. I did not include a way to generate infinite mana in this version of the deck, but I did include Extraplanar Lens and Cabal Coffers. They help us cast It That Betrays and activate the Lantern, so that we can still steal whatever our opponents sacrifice.

extraplanar lens it that betrays

The Deck


The deck might look easy, but in reality it is very difficult to pilot. This is not so much due to the interactions of the deck itself but more because of the perception others have of the commander. Similar to Tinybones, Trinket Thief, this deck can make people very salty, and once they are bitten, opponents will often come gunning for you regardless of the current board state. Another trap that this deck might tempt you to enter is to try and only cast your commander and your edict/discard when you can do both in the same turn. It's easy to leave yourself open early on in the game. Like I explained above, use the spells that force sacrifice and discard to control the game and stall opponents until you are in a comfortable position to cast your commander and start stealing their stuff.

What do you think of the God of Fright? Is this a playstyle that you enjoy or something that your playgroup will immediately hate? Tell us in a comment below!

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Armeronkelskelett(23.03.2021 21:55)

I play a Yawgmoth mono black with discard. Geth´s grimoire is a perfect component to draw cards in your deck, but you will be a favourite target in a mp- game (more than with Tegrid alone).

rsci1(24.03.2021 08:07)

Armeronkelskelett Yes, there are a lot of powerful things you can do in mono-black that put a target on your back. It's a strategy one has to accept when playing such decks ;)

Adrenalin82(23.03.2021 11:25)

Crypt ghast has a White Symbol in the Card. Ist this legal?

oeliberti(23.03.2021 11:43)

Adrenalin82 since this symbol is not a real part of the card yes its legal. It is just a reminder/rules text.

Adrenalin82(23.03.2021 10:25)(Edited: 23.03.2021 10:27)

I Like it. I Play the Same Commander with nearly the Same cards. Ist difficult to Play. The First 3 Times i loose because in exactly do the Same Misstake. Wait until Commander. Last Game i try ist the way you explain. Now its Epic. But you are automaticly the target of each opponent

rsci1(23.03.2021 13:22)

Adrenalin82 Yes, that is why you have to start doing thing before you are able to cast the commander. It's always about disruption anyway ;)