Daily Deck Tech from Capenna: Obscura Greasefang


Every workday while the Streets of Capenna are new, Insight takes a quick look at another deck featuring the fresh cards! Mardu may have been the most common color combination for Pioneer Greasefang decks so far, but the addition of two prominent cards promises a switch to Obscura!

greasefang - parhelion - ledger shredder

Greasefang's game is as simple as it gets. At the beginning of your combat, Greasefang can reanimate any Vehicle. Yes, any Vehicle. Even the janky Parhelion II that nobody took seriously. Thanks to the 4 power that the popular Rat Pilot boasts, it can instantly take the wheel (or wing) of this angelic ride, creating heavenly chaos with a hit for 13 damage and two 4/4 Angel tokens left behind.

In recent weeks, red was the most popular splash to Greasefang's black and white, and how could it not be? All red cards common to the deck help you discard cards, often very efficiently and ideally Parhelion so you can get it back. But now blue is back on the menu, thanks to the new set. The awesome thing with Esper, or Obscura, if you will, is the addition of Ledger Shredder. This card turned out to be so good that it already spiked. It can trigger on both your and your opponent's turn, can help you ditch Parhelion, and can even grow to become a threat in its own right. It also costs just two mana and has a solid starting line of stats. Even when you're not playing against a deck like Izzet Phoenix, chances are your opponents will help it connive. Two spells, by any means, is not a lot.

If they do manage to take it down before it gets the big Vehicle into the grave, or you don't happen to draw the Bird, don't fret. Red may offer the best self-discard, but blue brings a new option to the table. Its name is Tainted Indulgence. It's an instant, and it also just costs two mana. In this deck, however you turn it, you'll probably always have to discard a card, but that's fine. This deck wants to do that anyway.

tainted indulgence dig through time

Just like how Mardu lists use filler cards in the graveyard to summon Kroxa, Obscura has a few delve cards. Dig Through Time and Murderous Cut will help you give new life to cards that are already in your graveyard. This way, you get to control the board and/or rev up your (unchanged) win condition's gears. If you don't have the combo pre-Dig, you almost certainly get to fix that in post.

If you like control decks with a combo finish, try this one. It may help you drive away with some wins, just like how it worked for Magic Online pilot PastorofMuppets.

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