Eternal Standards

Eternal Masters cards are filling up all of our MKM Insight Data Tables!

Eternal Data

Eternal Masters cards are filling up all of our MKM Insight Data Tables! There is a lot of activity regarding every kind of EMA product. The first wave of transactions is in the books. Most dealers have opened and listed their product and players have joined them, as they have gained more and more cards from drafts (or just opening packs). The first big price correction is over, as most cards have settled on a lower price than during pre-sales, and have started to slowly trend upwards again. You should already have sniped your singles by now or should do so very soon, or prepare to wait a few weeks. Chances are that there might be a second downward trend later this year if the product doesn't leave the market as fast as expected.

Foil value gamble

Make sure to use one of our relatively new MKM Insight feature, the FOIL price graphs, to determine whether you want to still get in on any of the hot new foils. Especially cards with formerly “overcosted” foil versions like Daze or first time foil prints like the following cards could be interesting:



Toxic Deluge



Baleful Strix

Winter Orb



Forgotten Standards

Eternal Masters is in everyone's hands and on everyone's mind right now. What does that mean for us? If you are an Insight veteran you should know by now: It is time to act countercyclical! When everybody is selling their other cards to pay for more EMA product, you should pick up everything else that is being offered at bargain prices. Shadows over Innistrad cards have continuously entered the market without much demand, but it is not the only set with dropping Standard card prices. You may have some more days while Eternal Masters and Legacy is demanding all the attention, but you should pick up everything you were missing soon, as basically every Standard card has been trending downwards recently. Once the previews for Eldritch Moon start, I expect the interest in Standard to be renewed – stopping the current general trend again.

Just click on these cards and look at their price graphs:

Sylvan Advocate

Westvale Abbey / Ormendahl, Profane Prince

Archangel Avacyn / Avacyn, the Purifier

Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet

Chandra, Flamecaller

Thing in the Ice / Awoken Horror

Anguished Unmaking

Always Watching

All the good Eldrazi creatures, Standard creature lands, Standard dual lands, … basically everything is cheaper right now than a few weeks ago. Refill your inventory with the good cards while you can.

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