Modern Deck of the Week: White-Blue Emeria

Every Wednesday Insight is taking a quick look at one of the top-performing, most peculiar, or simply sweetest Modern decks among recent results. This week wecelebrate the comeback of the seemingly long-forgotten Emeria, the Sky Ruin deck. Bob49 took it to a 7th place finish in the most recent challenge.


The deck is a heavily value-oriented creature build with a super consistent mana base. While the deck does not do anything degenerate, each creature does something and bit by bit pulls you ahead. Wall of Omens and Thraben Inspector draw you cards, Skyclave Apparition and Solitude are removal spells on a stick, and Sun Titan is your giga end game, able to bring back all of the aforementioned. Ranger-Captain of Eos tutors out a one-drop, essentially giving itself a redraw. Its sacrifice ability stops cascade shenanigans and can be useful to stop opponents on key turns.

It's a white deck at heart but splashes for two key control card. The first is Teferi, Time Raveler, who is a one-card knock-out punch against control and cascade decks. In addition, its bounce ability can be used on our own permanents in order to reuse them for value. The second splash is for Supreme Verdict. It's a card that's deceptively powerful in the deck. On the one hand, this is a creature-heavy deck, so a mass removal spell doesn't seem to make sense. But in practice all the creatures generate value upon entry. There is also the element of surprise as a lot of opponents won't expect a wrath effect out of what, still, is a creature deck.

There is a whole other angle to the deck in the namesake Emeria, the Sky Ruin. While it's tough to turn on, once it gets going it's nigh-unstoppable. Bringing back Solitude or Sun Titan every turn is very difficult to contest for any fair deck playing a long game. Bear in mind that Emeria itself is not a Plains, it's not legendary either.

To top it all off, it's an Ephemerate deck. Ephemerate allows you to blank opposing removal and re-use all the enter-the-battlefield triggers that the deck has.

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