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I left out two Top8 decks when I talked about Grand Prix Pittsburgh earlier this week, but that wasn't because those decks were financially unexciting.

"Changes await us at season's end"

I left out two Top8 decks when I talked about Grand Prix Pittsburgh earlier this week, but that was due to time constraints, not because those decks were particularly unexciting. In fact the opposite is true, as those decks were the most unusual incarnations of their archetypes. I told you before the Grand Prix that Scapeshift cards were among the few things that were worthy of picking up before the GP, instead of waiting for the December lull. Scapeshift secured a Top8 spot indeed, and therefore continued on its upward price trend. Surprisingly the most successful version didn't use Bring to Light at all, but reduced its colour requirements instead of increasing them for the new tutor card. I can't imagine that to be the correct path though, because using battle lands to go up to four colours without any disadvantage is really easy in this deck due to all the cards, which are tutoring for basic lands, and Farseek fetching any of the battle lands as well. I don't think the BFZ-induced evolution of that archetype is complete yet, but being able to make top8 already bodes well for the deck in general. In its current form it is also a very cheap deck for Modern standards. If you take fetchlands as a given, the only expensive cards are Scapeshift itself and Primeval Titan, which leaves us with a very cheap deck overall, which could provide a decent entry point for new Modern players.

Primeval Titan From (EX+): 8,40 € Price Trend: 10,03 €

Primeval Titan is still down from its reprint in MM15, and bound to rise again in the long run, combining casual appeal with seeing play in two different Modern decks now.

Scapeshift From (EX+): 12,00 € Price Trend: 14,83 €

Scapeshift is one of the typical strange combo enabler cards, that aren't easy to reprint, because they do not fit into a pre-constructed deck and are mostly a blank for limited environments. Therefore this card could see significant gains before the next Modern Masters set, if it even makes it in there. With only 278 copies on MKM right now, the price could spike easily next year.

Commune with Lava From (EX+): 0,02 € Price Trend: 0,26 €

The “tech” card from the Top8 list can provide up to two land drops and a few spells in slow match-ups. I don't believe it will become a mainstay in the archetype going forward, but at that price it doesn't really hurt to pick up copies either.

Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle From (EX+): 0,89 € Price Trend: 1,96 €

Cinder Glade From (EX+): 2,20 € Price Trend: 3,14 €

As I said the other cards are cheap. I really like Cinder Glade and to a lesser extend all of the other battle lands as pick-ups during their bottoms in December and beyond, because they will most likely be the backbone of Standard once we lose fetchlands at rotation. Maybe we get even better lands in Oath of the Gatewatch and Shadows over Innistrad, but if we don't, the battle lands will instantly become 4-ofs in most decks.

Rending Volley From (EX+): 0,15 € Price Trend: 0,51 €

An important Modern sideboard card (especially for Scapeshift decks) against one of the most played archetypes, printed in an under-opened set, can easily cost a lot more in a few years. A great card to pick up additional copies in trades along the way.

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