The Brothers' Daily Deck Tech: Angel Reconstruction

Every workday while the set is new, Insight is taking a quick look at one deck featuring the latest additions from The Brothers' War. Angels have been dancing on the fringes of Pioneer for some time but still needed a bit of a push. Another Collected Company effect seems to have done the job!

angel reconstruction

Let's start with the new Collected Company in question, namely Kayla's Reconstruction. While the deck already ran four copies of Company, and still does, Reconstruction adds even more consistency. It looks one card deeper, but it requires you to pay five mana total to get two creatures out of it and is a sorcery. However, you can sink more mana into it and put more creatures onto the battlefield, or make do with just one in a pinch. Neither card is strictly better than the other—they are different.

There aren't many decks that want both, but this one does. What you are looking to put into play are the many Angels with their powerful cross-synergies. Resplendent Angel creates a 4/4 Angel every turn you gain 5 life. It's a perfect match for Bishop of Wings and Righteous Valkyrie, which both work well with each other as well. The actual only non-Angel non-Cleric in the deck is Skyclave Apparition, which is not surprising. The Apparition provides such a flexible catch-all effect that can be found with either Company or Reconstruction that it warrants inclusion.

The deck's main game plan revolves around gaining life and growing the heavenly army. When most of your creatures have 3 or 4 toughness, it is quite a daunting task for the opponent to try to push damage through. Not only do you have to get through those roadblocks. Your damage is barely relevant when every turn sees more and more life gain. It's certainly the best deck for all the players who want to make their monored aggro opponents' lives miserable.

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Wilecoyotegb(25.11.2022 10:31)

Love this deck, been playing it for a while and its evolution has been interesting