The Brothers' Daily Deck Tech: Demonic Oracle

Every workday while the set is new, Insight is taking a quick look at one deck featuring the latest additions from The Brothers' War. Thassa's Oracle was put on Pioneer's back shelf when its combo buddy, Inverter of Truth, earned a ban. However, a new Oracle shell has sprung up, using another weird black card!

archaeologist - bargain - oracle

In essence, it's a self-mill strategy that aims to manually go through the entire library and eventually win with Thassa's Oracle. Back in the days of Inverter of Truth, you could essentially exile the whole deck and play Oracle on the very same turn, immediately resulting in a win. This version, however, runs cards like Stitcher's Supplier and Fallaji Archaeologist to decrease the deck size. A new addition from The Brothers' War, the Archaeologist acts as an Augur of Bolas of sorts. Only, it comes with the upside that the cards go to the graveyard, which works well with the overall game plan.

In order to expedite the win, the shell takes advantage of a hidden gem in Demonic Bargain. Not only does it exile the top thirteen. It also searches up a new card—potentially another copy of Bargain. Combined with the less flashy self-mill, the library can be empty in no time. "Less flashy" is of course relative. It includes things like Deadly Dispute sacrificing Stitcher's Supplier, which digs five cards deeper into your library too.

demonic bargain treasure cruise

The rest of the deck plays a bit like a Dimir Control build. You've got a full playset of Fatal Push and a single copy of Eliminate to stem the early bleeding against aggressive strategies. Double Spell Pierce is an efficient piece of on-stack interaction, especially effective against planeswalkers. When you happen to run out of cards, Treasure Cruise is there to provide more gas. With this deck and all its self-mill, you won't ever run into the issue of not having enough cards to delve away.

This take on Oracle already managed to claim a Top 8 spot at the most recent Pioneer Challenge. It will certainly take unsuspecting opponents by surprise, especially as the combo itself is very difficult to interact with. Even if you face meaningful opposition—with four Oracle, four Bargain, and three Takenuma, Abandoned Mire, you can easily present multiple copies of your win condition when it's time to go for the kill.

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savxan(22.11.2022 00:12)

Pioneer not Modern !!!

TobiHenke(22.11.2022 06:18)

Yes, I don't know either why this page would say "Pioneer" three times and then credit the decklist to a "Modern Challenge," but it did. Not anymore—thanks to you!