The Brothers' Daily Deck Tech: Liquimetal Mayhem


Every workday while the set is new, Insight is taking a quick look at one deck featuring the latest additions from The Brothers' War. Playing with artifacts is sweet but has its downsides. Here's a deck that forces the opponent to play with artifacts, then shows them the error of their ways!

torque - mite - grudge

The deck idea isn't really new, and the main addition from The Brothers' War constitutes but a mite of an improvement. Still, you take what you can, which ideally means taking away all of your opponent's permanents. In this undertaking Haywire Mite offers meaningful assistance, in particular because it allows Urza's Saga's third chapter to cough up a piece of artifact removal as well. As long as it sticks around, the little Insect also boosts Construct tokens or Nettlecyst and represents a chump blocker.

But let's start with the basic premise: The way to turn artifact destruction into removal for another kind of permanent is the way of the Liquimetal, whether Coating or Torque. The deck includes seven copies main, plus Ancient Stirrings to find them, and stores one in the sideboard to be picked up by Karn, the Great Creator. Karn forms a natural combo with the Coating specifically. Turn one of your opponent's lands into an artifact, use Karn to turn it into a 0/0 creature, and watch state-based effects do their thing.

Ancient Grudge can kill off two permanents in the same fashion, and even the lands join in on the fun. This deck runs a full quartet of Boseiju, Who Endures, which really does endure thanks to Wrenn and Six's efforts. Between all of these effects and an ample dose of ramp, you can reduce your opponent to zero threatening permanents in no time—and in the long run sometimes to no permanents at all!

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Egoish(23.11.2022 09:57)

What do you think to cityscape leveller in the side maybe instead of titan? Hits non lands and really closes the door if it gets to attack removing more things, feels like there are enough land answers already.

TobiHenke(24.11.2022 09:33)(Edited: 24.11.2022 09:34)

I still have a sweet spot for the old Titan. Cleaning up a bunch of leftover lands after a few turns of recycling Boseiju sounds quite appealing. But you might as well be right: A 2022 card is probably better than a card from 2004, almost by default.