The Brothers' Daily Deck Tech: The Audacity to Go Green

Every workday while the set is new, Insight is taking a quick look at one deck featuring the latest additions from The Brothers' War. Pioneer has seen dedicated Aura decks in white-black and white-blue. But now Audacity makes green a much more desirable color. Hexproof is back on the menu too!

auras going green

The new version of Rancor is already making waves in Pioneer. Audacity is basically a copy of Rancor with the exception that its trigger does not return it to hand but draws you a card. A single green mana for a 2-power buff, trample, and potential card draw is a lot. It seems to have singlehandedly brought back the Selesnya version.

The overall game plan of the deck is to deploy a creature, suit it up with enchantments, and keep attacking for large chunks of damage. Easily the best Aura carrier in the deck is Gladecover Scout as hexproof makes it hard to kill. Luckily for the deck, Rakdos Midrange has basically dropped Liliana of the Veil, who would otherwise be a way to deal with this pesky creature. In the span of just a few turns, the 1/1 can be attacking for 10 damage and more.

There's a plethora of other creatures that bring their own benefits. Light-Paws, Emperor's Voice basically multiplies each Aura you play, resulting in fast, exponential growth. Sram, Senior Edificer makes each Aura cantrip, providing you with a steady stream of cards. Generous Visitor is an innocuous one-drop that places a +1/+1 counter for each enchantment cast. Paradise Druid ordinarily loses hexproof once it gets into the red zone, but we can give it vigilance with Sentinel's Eyes, at which point it remains untouchable.

If you like strategies that allow you to boost creatures into obscenity but hate seeing them killed, there will not be a better deck for you. Suit up!

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