VIDEO: Omnath Is Banned in Standard! Plus: Grand Finals – MTG Arena Tournament Review


Another huge shakeup in Historic and Standard! Wondering what's going to be good after the most recent B&R? In this Price of Knowledge video, HarryMTG breaks down his thoughts on the bans. Missed the Grand Finals? Harry also breaks down the Standard & Historic metagames from the event and looks at the Top 8 decks and matchups.

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00:06 Hey everyone, I'm HarryMTG and welcome to Cardmarket's YouTube channel. Today we're gonna be discussing the most recent banned and restricted announcements by Wizards of the Coast, and also give you a little update for the most recent Grand Finals tournament that happened this past weekend.
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00:26 Jumping straight into the video, I want to give a quick update on the Grand Finals from the past weekend. If you're not interested in listening to this or maybe it's too far down the line, please skip to 3:40. That will get you to the banned and restricted announcement discussion.
00:39 So to break down the tournament, what formats were being played? It was both Standard and Historic in the Swiss portion of the event. Players were forced to bring both a Standard deck and a Historic deck to play in the Swiss portion, and when they made it to the top eight they were forced to only play their Standard deck, where top eight would be double elimination.
00:57 This is where things get a bit awkward. If we look at the Standard metagame, you can see 60% of the field is on Omnath Adventures and 12.5% is on Omnath Ramp. That means over 70% of people are playing a deck with Omnath, Locus of Creation.
01:15 It's insane. It's just crazy to me how many people are playing this deck. You can even see in the top eight that it just dominated there as well. So this is clearly a problem that Wizards have identified.
01:27 If we look at the Historic metagame, we can see it's a bit broader in a sense that there's not as many Omnath decks. You can see eleven Omnath decks in the top 35% of the field. Then we have a nice variety of decks, between Jund Sacrifice, Four Colour Midrange, Neoform, Azorius Control.
01:41 So although Omnath is also dominating the Historic metagame, you can see it's not as bad as and there's some leeway and room for other decks to flourish. Despite that, I think we can all agree that Omnath is doing work in both formats.
01:55 So now it's time to break down the top eight. Austin Bursavich absolutely dominated this top eight. Losing round one to Patrick was unfortunate for him but he came back from there. He then had to go through Emma Handy on Gruul Adventures which was a very tough matchup for this deck, clearly tuned to beat the Omnath matchup.
02:09 After Emma, Austin had to fight through Autumn Burchett on the exact same 75, which was a tough battle but he managed to get through, get the win, and move on to Raph Levy again on Omnath Adventures.
02:20 Another Omnath in the top eight. You can see the trend here where is just all around. Straight home from Raph Levy, Austin had to fight Gabriel Nassif, again on Omnath Adventures. You can see by all these lists that they only differ by six to eight cards. Which is so crazy because the decklists are so fine-tuned and there's only so many flex spots. They all look very, very, very similar.
02:44 And last but not least, Austin made an absolute show in the mirror match against Aaron Gertler. It was actually amazing watching him pilot the deck, seeing them both do their combos but you could also see the clear problem with Omnath Adventures just looking at these clips now. You can see how swingy the games are, how they're extremely explosive, every turn a ton of mana, a ton of cards.
03:06 This decklist is just way too overpowered for what Standard used to be. No one really pictures Standard as this insane combo format where you're looking to draw ten to fifteen cards per turn and put ten to fifteen power into play.
03:22 This is really unrealistic for the game and obviously that's what's going to lead on to the B&R announcement that happened the next day after this tournament.
03:30 But as we can all agree, this deck is insane. You can see Austin had to play four mirrors in the top eight along his journey in order to get the trophy. Which is actually crazy amounts of Omnath, Locus of Creation in the top eight.
03:42 So now that we have discussed the Grand Finals, and congratulations to Austin Bursavich for taking it down, it’s important to talk about the banned and restricted announcement, what's happening now, what decks are going to be good with all the Omnath gone.
03:56 Starting with Standard straight away, Omnath, Locus of Creation has been banned, Lucky Clover has been banned, and Escape to the Wilds has been banned. So, I think we can all happily agree that this Temur Adventures, Four Colour Adventures thing is gone. We don't have to worry about it anymore. It's awesome.
04:09 The deck is gone. We're all happy about it. It's time to discuss why they have not only banned Omnath, but also Lucky Clover and Escape to the Wild. This is kind of clear in a sense that Lucky Clover is an extremely powerful card without Omnath. We've seen Temur Adventure decks do very well in the format without Omnath.
04:30 Beforehand with Omnath in the format, people were playing Temur Adventures just so that they could play Mystical Dispute just so that they could have a more consistent mana base, just to beat that mirror.
04:41 Now was that actually a good plan? No one knows, because no one brought Temur Adventures to the Grand Finals but Temur Adventures would still be a deck to beat if Lucky Clover had not been banned.
04:52 Now why is Escape to the Wilds banned? Don't forget, this Lucky Clover deck operates without Lucky Clover a lot of the time and that's because of Escape to the Wild. A five mana draw five, plus get an extra land into play, is an extremely powerful effect when you're casting Beanstalk Giant // Fertile Footsteps, when you're getting loads of mana into play.
05:12 Well I think that they've actually banned Escape to the Wild because they think Temur Adventures is good without Lucky Clover, which is kind of crazy to me. So this ban does make some sense to me, but I feel like they're being a bit afraid in hindsight because five mana, draw five, play an extra land doesn't seem that busted to me in the format, especially when you're not getting these insane mana exchanges from Lucky Clover.
05:35 So I don't know how happy I am with this Escape from the Wilds ban. But I am happy with the Omnath and Lucky Clover ban. I definitely do agree and I'm very happy that they've banned these cards.
05:47 Now what do I think is going to happen in Standard now. Well, it's a midrange fight. Blue White Control is now playable, midrange decks are now playable, possibly mono red is playable. There's no Omnath, Locus of Creation, there's no Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath
05:58 You know, incidental life gain isn't in the format, so maybe there is some mono red aggro deck, or maybe just Gruul aggro decks in general, that could do very well in the format. We're going to see less degeneracy, which is amazing. Most of the degenerate cards have been banned now, which is great. I know there's been so many bans in the last few months, but let's all be happy that the degeneracy is gone.
06:19 So that's it for Standard. What are you gonna be playing in Standard now? Please let me know in the comment section below.
06:25 But let's move on to some Historic. So what's happened in Historic? Omnath, Locus of Creation has been suspended, Teferi, Time Raveler is banned, Wilderness Reclamation is banned, and Burning-Tree Emissary is unsuspended.
06:34 Now this banned and restricted announcement looks kind of lengthy but if you remember, Teferi, Time Raveler and Wilderness Reclamation were all already suspended, so in reality this is only two announcements and they're just making Teferi, Time Raveler and Wilderness Reclamation a permanent ban.
06:48 So Omnath is suspended and Burning-Tree Emissary is unsuspended. Burning-Tree Emissary getting unsuspended I'm very happy about. I really like that Wizards is trying to take cards on and off of the Banned and Restricted List. I do think that this is a very good unban, I want to see how Gruul decks now do. It's obviously a free body for Embercleave to reduce that.
07:08 It's good for your Planeswalkers etc, but I'm very happy that they're just experimenting and I definitely want to see how the Gruul aggro decks do.
07:17 Now Omnath is suspended. I mean, come on. This is obvious. Do I have to justify it? We all know that Omnath was leaving Standard and anything that does well in Standard can be ported to Historic. We were already seeing that in the season Grand Finals metagame so we are not surprised by this and I'm happy about it.
07:34 Omnath should be unprinted from the game! You didn't hear that from me though. So what's good in Historic now? Obviously Omnath, Locus of Rage has been suspended so we don't have many midrange decks flourishing.
07:45 Jund Sacrifice has not been affected so I think that Jund is going to see a rise. I also think there will be a rise of blue white control. I think that there's going to be an aggro deck coming into play. It's gonna be a very interesting and wide format so it definitely is very hard to predict but I do think there are going to be more fair games being played.
08:00 I mean, we can all agree that when Omnath, Locus of Creation is being banned. I think it's gonna be a very nice format to play over the next few weeks and we can see how it evolves.
08:09 Last but not least, Brawl. Omnathis banned. Again. What a surprise. Being able to have Omnath in your opening hand guaranteed is just insane in that format, as well as the card advantage and value of hitting your tenth land is still there.
08:24 You just fill your deck with card advantage, play a load of fetchlands, Fabled Passage and Evolving Wilds and you're Gucci. Yeah, I'm not surprised about Omnath being banned in Brawl, I'm sure you're not surprised either. Let's just move on from it and hope that it doesn't happen again.
08:40 That's been it for the video. If you did like this content, please like and subscribe and let me know what are you going to be playing in these formats down below. I've been HarryMTG, this has been Cardmarket's YouTube channel. I'll see you guys in the next one.

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