What's More Effective Than 10,000 Blades?


Spoiler season is the most exciting time in Magic - especially with a set like Modern Horizons where cards don’t have to fit Standard’s power level. Cards designed for Modern can answer specific problems in the format or enable never seen archetypes to flourish. Our **EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW** is a brand-new card that calls back all the way to Legacy.

Modern is a format defined by extremes. Decks are often extremely polarized by the massive pool of cards and do one thing very well and efficiently. This means answers often have to be very specific and we only get a card like Damping Sphere in Standard every now and then. It’s important to have an array of answers to prevent Modern from being run over by a new deck simply because there were no answers to it.

Our exclusive preview is a beautifully designed card that can fight the current top decks in Modern, while also being a safety net. It can stop other strategies from taking over – while also fit into proactive decks.

The day is finally here and today we finally get to reveal Cardmarket’s exclusive preview card! We don’t want to waste your time, so without further ado...

Plague Engineer Large
Were you surprised? Get the card now before everyone else catches on!

Do We Actually Need This Card in Modern?

Wow, what a card! This is so much better than Engineered Plague, a card which has even seen play in Legacy. But I’m getting ahead of myself. What are the card's uses in Modern?

Engineered Plague
What can Engineered Plague actually do IN MODERN?

Let’s take a look at the decks that our new 2/2 creature might put to work against, starting with the most obvious one:


Noble Heirarch Thalia, Guardian of Thraben Thalia's Lieutenant

Probably currently the best tribal deck in Modern, I have played this deck a ton and can promise that a permanent -1/-1 debuff is nothing pleasant to deal with. If Plague Engineer comes out on turn 3, it can often kill off Noble Hierarchs before you even have the chance to Aether Vial in a Reflector Mage. And that brings us to our biggest problem: Reflector Mage. This bad boy gets rid of the debuff for two whole turns most of the time and there’s little you can do against it.

Overall, you will obviously make your Humans match-up quite a bit better by including this new card. But don’t rely on it to do all the work on it’s own against a deck that can go over the top with lots of Thalia’s Lieutenants.


Rattlechains Selfless Spirit Mausoleum Wanderer

A deck that has declined in popularity as soon as KCI was banned, Spirits still has percentages of the metagame. Unfortunately, against all these fliers, granting -1/-1 does very little since all their lords have high toughness on their own and will negate the debuff quickly. Still, if you pair Plague Engineer with a removal to pick off the lords, you'll still have a solid gameplan, since most of the non-lords like Rattlechains or Selfless Spirit are X/1 creatures.

Hardened Scales

Steel Overseer Walking Ballista Hangarback Walker

The recently discovered, much discussed, new version of Affinity is seriously impacted by our new little fellow. Not only can you name "Construct" to weaken all of your opponent's creatures (except Arcbound Ravager), but you you can also name "Thopter" to get rid of the pesky 1/1s that are left behind by Hangarback Walker. Hardened Scales decks need to prepare themselves for the coming of Plague Engineer.

Devoted Druid Company

Vizier of Remedies Noble Heirarch

Here are two very strong creatures that share the Human type. Vizier of Remedies and Noble Hierarch are both four-offs that die to our new 2/2, which now prevents your opponent from combo-ing you anytime soon. By now, it almost feels like a mantra, but this will not win you the game on its own. Company decks can still do other things than combo and while shutting of the combo (and hindering their mana development) is a really good starting point, that’s not good enough alone. Don't lay all the responsibilites on Plague Engineer.


Glistener Elf Blighted Agent Inkmoth Nexus

Infect decks regularly only have three threats: Inkmoth Nexus, Glistener Elf, and Blighted Agent, where the creature land is often the hardest to remove. Well, with Plague Engineer, you effectively shut off the Nexus by naming “Blinkmoth” as the creature type. And if the situation calls for it, you can also kill the Elves or Agents. Infect is obviously not a tribal deck, but it’s one of the decks that are gonna have a tough time against our new card.


Heritage Druid Young Pyromancer Bloodghast

Other decks I want to mention include:

  • Elves, which are not currently big in Modern, but might make a comeback when there’s less Arclight Phoenix.
  • Young Pyromancer Mardu, which Plague Engineer will not be great against, since this deck can easily remove the 2/2.
  • Dredge, wherein we can turn off Bloodghasts, which can be addressed in better ways against the graveyard-centric deck.

The Deck That Would Want to Maindeck the Engineer

The fact that Plague Engineer is a creature makes it so much better than Engineered Plague and this, for me, deems it a worthy inclusion in the Abzan Collected Company archetype. Even in a matchup like B/G where there’s no real creature type to name, a 2/2 deathtouch will still trade for a Tarmogoyf.

Being able to name any creature type is a very flexible ability and provides solutions to such a variety of problems (many of which I named earlier) that I’d expect the archetype to play one or two. Hitting a permanent -1/-1 in the right match-up off of Collected Company can be an incredible blowout and can swing games that you once had no hope of winning.

What’s More Powerful Than a Single Germ?

Plague Engineer is a beautifully designed card that does not win games on its own, yet can have a very powerful effect on a game of Magic if used correctly. It’s also a pre-made answer to potential problems Modern might face in the future, preventing certain deck types from becoming too strong. As such, this card fits perfectly into Modern Horizons at rare and is a welcome addition to the Modern deckbuilding pool.

Plague Engineer Alternate Languages

Check out our Modern Horizons page if you're interested in more MH1 cards!

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Kwebe666(25.05.2019 14:49)

Just a remover and this creature is history.
I do not think this card would change the meta.

Rokky(25.05.2019 13:58)

Very good card against phoenix and tron und a surprise against the uw control :)

mrbreeze(24.05.2019 20:58)

It sounds good against humans, I don't play black in modern but I would definitely run a couple in the sideboard

NilsBaerfuss(24.05.2019 16:28)

This card hels really good to top tier decks, like poenix, tron und uw control! Great work!
And the card is a rare not a legendary rare

nigen(24.05.2019 14:06)

I can't wait to have this in my maindeck to beat Tron, and UWx control :)

VincentSpano(24.05.2019 12:59)

All this hype for a bulk rare... Bah.

EvilMealw0rm(24.05.2019 12:53)

So the preview card was just completely unrelated to the actual card.
Well done. /s

RushSykes(24.05.2019 12:06)

What? Really? This card sucks so much

celeni(24.05.2019 12:00)

Common already, show the spoiler

alkiskgt(24.05.2019 11:53)

Legendary Land with a stifle ability

JulienLepers(24.05.2019 11:27)

10,001 blades. Nailed it, ez pz.

togfanatic(24.05.2019 11:20)


assassin1770(24.05.2019 11:11)

Lads whats the craic with CEST........ Everyone knows the world revolves around CAT (Central Africa Time)

MrDimension(24.05.2019 10:40)

My answer is Nuclear Weapons

chiefceko(24.05.2019 10:33)

Its gonna be 10000 feathers.....

donet(24.05.2019 10:17)

Must be a callback to Death of a Thousand Stings right?

Archdruid(24.05.2019 08:49)

Fits wonderful the snow theme.

Morgol(24.05.2019 08:01)

More than 10000 blades...

emilan87(24.05.2019 07:51)

Is it... A germ? Hmmm! That could bring us back to phyrexia

Kulifumpen(24.05.2019 07:46)

Omg. I dont understand why people doesn't realize that Jitte and all the other stuff is still modern legal but banned. There will be NO reprints of cards which are still modern legal.

I guess, when its no artifact its some kind of plague-master so who is the greatest and most evil? Yawgmoth.

deblaenk(24.05.2019 07:13)

"Borrowing 10,000 arrows" reprint for modern? But then you would have strongly overstated the power of the card, as this would not have a place in modern constructed.

Kaskade(24.05.2019 07:11)

A single gun? A swiss pocket knife?

Nermnt(24.05.2019 06:37)

What about 100,000 Blades?!

Trollcore117(24.05.2019 02:50)

So we have a urza so maybe a yawgmoth?

Warpstoneshop(24.05.2019 02:02)

Borrowing 100,000 Arrows

Hummels(23.05.2019 23:36)

A single germ can kill more than....

Sounds like a living weapon... Maybe a downgraded jitte but with a living weapon instead ?

BlackPhantom2501(23.05.2019 21:28)

Maybe some kind of a Card like Baird?

Estalion(23.05.2019 21:21)

One well targeted Blade. Some Equipment ?

couster(23.05.2019 21:18)

Some kind of legendary artifact with living weapon

DwarvenBlitzer(23.05.2019 20:28)

Most effektive way to hold power is simple: taxes

Moonlitsanctum(23.05.2019 19:45)

It´s a Wall of 1000 Cuts ;)

HouseOfCardsBE(23.05.2019 16:58)

10000 cuts from one sword?

XiaoMayi(23.05.2019 14:57)

I would say 10. 001 Shields (-;

staledonut(23.05.2019 14:45)

The Pen is mightier then the sword? A legendary artifact with a static ability that Hoses some kind of strategy?

WolfFungus(23.05.2019 14:28)

Maybe Leovold? Its a powerfull legend, but i think not to powerfull for Modern.

JCardTrader(23.05.2019 13:37)

Feather? Cz the feather is mightier than the Sword? Or even 10K of them.

mindstyle(23.05.2019 13:16)

Wow an engineered plague on a land? Thats awesome :)

Ixidor(23.05.2019 13:11)

I think 10. 000 guns would be more effective than 10. 000 blades. ^^

coldfyr(23.05.2019 12:32)

As they said in Indiana Jones: "The pen is mightier than the sword. "
So the answer must be love. Love is always the answer.

FFreak(23.05.2019 11:39)

OK .. I looked at the source code of the hompage...
I looked if thers something written in the code of the picture's titel ^^
MCM you could have made such an awsome riddle here ^^

@caossavona Great find :)

caossavona(23.05.2019 11:22)

A germ is stronger than 10000 blades as is shown in the flavor text of engineered plague
My 2 Cent

VincentSpano(23.05.2019 10:10)

Stones beat blades?
10. 000 stones?

EvilMealw0rm(23.05.2019 10:05)

If you look at the last Dark Depths printing, a land without color identity unlike flagstones, the border is brownish and not gray like this border.

This leads me to the conclusion, that it might be an artifact land.
My other guess would be a living weapon.

PatrickW82(23.05.2019 09:10)

Evtl. Horizon Canopy bloß mit anderen Farben?

FFreak(23.05.2019 08:51)

"What's More Effective Than 10,000 Blades? "
Mby the titel means more than u can read ...
Fir instance, why is every first letter written big ?
W M E T B ^^ Lets think a bit different ^^
Mby its paranoia or ETB means anything like enter the battlefield :P

yannemmelin(23.05.2019 08:36)

Maybe the powerful Maze of ith ?

Groningen1966(23.05.2019 05:30)

Field of Black Lotuses
Tap to add 12 mana of any color, then discard

Jacobbos-1988(22.05.2019 22:46)

A single germ. It's a nod to 7th Editions Engineered Plagues flavor text.

Tepesch(22.05.2019 22:42)

Well, is a legendary land.. So my guess against topdeck and a safe net is :Glacial Chasm

TrollmenX(22.05.2019 22:09)

Plagued Land
When Plaqued Lands enter battlefield choose a creature type.
Tap: Add B.
XX,Tap, Sacrifice: Creatures of the chosen type get -X/-X until end of turn.

WolfFungus(22.05.2019 21:41)

I guess it is Stifle. Good vs Fetch lands, Planeswalker and especial vs Storm

gabri9349(22.05.2019 21:18)

Monster of darksteel (colorness)

TonyMa(22.05.2019 21:16)

Plot Twist: They have no idea either and do that as a free marketing survey =P

JacobMartinNielsen(22.05.2019 21:15)

How about 10-thousand bodies wielding the blades? I mean; the iron throne didn't do so well on it's own

Dermariator(22.05.2019 20:55)

"send to nothing" or "desireless happy, won the game" :-)

Philoman(22.05.2019 20:39)

Legendary Land
As Plaguelands enters the battlefield, choose a creature type.
All creatures of the chosen type get -1/-1.

stevedigital(22.05.2019 20:22)

Yawgmoth, Lord of the Dark Side

MuesliK91(22.05.2019 19:59)

Ten thousand and one Shield?

totanas1971(22.05.2019 19:15)

El Jitte de umezawa pijo

ozharu(22.05.2019 19:03)

Feather is stronger than sword


10. 000 feathers?

axl86(22.05.2019 18:54)

I think can be an hecatoncheires

Caipiranha87(22.05.2019 18:50)

A damping legendary snow covered land?

luiscrespo(22.05.2019 18:31)

Coming from a player that doesn't know the Modern meta: maybe a land with the tax cost printed in Kataki, War's Wage? There are certainly many blades in the art of Kataki. :P

Majesho(22.05.2019 18:10)

Im Pretty sure that 10. 001 Blades are.

Schattentiger93(22.05.2019 18:10)

An atomic explosion? I mean, after that you do not have 10,000 more men to hold the swords.

djcjorissen(22.05.2019 17:55)

(response to Ranger-Trivette) Kaldra himself maybe?

Spinefist(22.05.2019 17:24)

Ten thousand quills? (pens would sound lame)

Shadowraider(22.05.2019 16:38)

The Wall of 10. 000 cuts?

Closed-Cardmarket-Account-959814(22.05.2019 16:38)

Borrowing 100,000 Arrows x)

lecivhi(22.05.2019 16:05)

10. 001 shields are more effective

Ranger-Trivette(22.05.2019 15:53)

I think this is Sword of Kaldra

DrizztBalmung(22.05.2019 15:44)

I think it's a land too. But which one ? Dark Depths because of the snow lands theme ?

Probably not since it was in Ultimate Masters.

All the other legendary lands I'm thinking about are reserved list, so... I don't know.

Edit : "Our **EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW** is a brand-new card"

Maybe that's why I don't know, it's not a reprint.

Devonarek(22.05.2019 15:36)

Hype is so high that people would buy this card blindly now. :D

J-Kluge(22.05.2019 15:33)

To me it is the good old Desert that does 1 damage to an attacking creature after the damage is dealt :D

timeless-art(22.05.2019 15:29)

Yes ! Dark Depths in Modern ! Lands

Grev3n(22.05.2019 15:11)

The pen is mightier than the sword. So i guess some pen artifact with the ability to ramp up costs of a specific card type or bans said type from being played.
(you basicly put some written law into effect, which prohibits your opponent ;) )

nigen(22.05.2019 15:09)

"he card can fight other strategies from taking over – while also fitting into proactive decks."
I don't see how a plague effect card could fit in a proactive deck.

giangaleazzo(22.05.2019 15:01)

That's absolutely a land card! Can it be the Null Moon?

FranzW1990(22.05.2019 14:58)

"The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale" XD

Solhunken(22.05.2019 14:58)

The background pict is the Snow-Covered Swamp pict.
Legendary Land with effect like engineered plague.

Lathiel777(22.05.2019 14:51)

Yeah, my guess is similar to below:
A 3 mana legendary artifact, ETB name a creature type, all creatures of chosen type get -1/-1

sondergrosse(22.05.2019 14:43)

A new legendary sword cycle that gives allied color protection - FIRST! Now I want a cookie.

enikast(22.05.2019 14:42)

The frame is from a legendary land :O

Havrekjex(22.05.2019 14:36)

The frame pictured is a land, not an artifact. Compare it to Helm of the Host vs. The newest Flagstones of Trokair, look at the textures along the side edges and see for yourselves. The top part looks like it's colorless, unlike Flagstones and Karakas. The background could be cropped from the art, that would be clever.

stevemlp(22.05.2019 14:32)

A legendary artefact for 3 with plague effect...

MajinVegetaSp(22.05.2019 14:29)

Legendary Creature: One Germ confirmed, 3 mana 0/1 does the same as engineered plague

Valdar(22.05.2019 14:28)

Umezawa's Shield.

Legendary Artifact - Equipment Mythic

Whenever equiped creature recieves combat damage put 2 charge counters on Umezawa's Shield.
Remove a charge counter from Umezawa's shield : Choose 1
- Target player exiles 2 cards from that players' graveyard
- Target creature gets -1/-1 untill end of turn.
- equiped creature creature gets +2/+1 untill end of turn.
- Target player gains 2 life.

Equip - 3

Cantabiles(22.05.2019 14:23)

Umezawa's Jitte confirmed. /s

madnessman(22.05.2019 14:22)

Jitte would be amazing and would be the only legit reason why Stoneforge was confirmed to not be in the set. It is probably a new, somewhat nerfed, Jitte.

Piromancer(22.05.2019 14:18)

10,001 blades i think :p

IngoR(22.05.2019 13:44)

Is the Frame a Clue? Could it be a Legendary Artifact?

Naosu(22.05.2019 13:30)

New Nahiri Legendary ? :p

justMAD(22.05.2019 12:49)

ProPeanuts has a point.
Engineered Plague flavortext: "A single germ can kill more soldiers than ten thousand blades."

Maybe new Living Weapon?

plagiato(22.05.2019 12:39)

Will it be a stoNERForge mystic?

BB-Spiele(22.05.2019 12:28)

One Jitte is more efficient than ten thousand blades. :D

Kartenguru(22.05.2019 12:26)

I think this will be sort of Gun

Freshmkr(22.05.2019 12:26)

I'd guess it's like... 100. 000 Arrows?

SalesWorld(22.05.2019 12:25)

Really excited to see !!!

Oatmale(22.05.2019 12:03)

10. 001 blades confirmed.

ProPeanuts(22.05.2019 12:02)

Is it an Engineered Plague kinda card? Is it a Germ? Batterskull?