Zendikar Release

What should you buy and what should you sell, when the SCG Open in Indianapolis will cause the first result based spikes on the weekend already?

The Math from the Prereleases suggested that you would get one Expedition per ~130 packs or ~4 displays. So far I only received first-hand information about 7 regular cases (42 displays / 1512 booster packs) of English product that were opened and contained 9 Expeditions. That would translate to one Expedition per 168 packs or ~5 displays. So there are a little more Expedition cards than we initially expected, but not close to twice as much as we thought. Make sure to modify your long-term expectations for the set accordingly! What remains true in any case is the value variance I talked about earlier. Players usually don't open lots of cases, so for them the lottery aspect is very real.

Starting today players can actually get their Battle for Zendikar product, but it might take a few days for them to sort it all and to decide what to keep and what to sell. That means that the incoming price reduction will not have completely resolved yet, when the SCG Open in Indianapolis will cause the first result based spikes on the weekend already. You should be ready and eager to sell basically every Battle for Zendikar card you don't need for a deck right away into any resulting hype. Prices will come down again before the Pro Tour gives us a more complete picture of the format (and the associated more permanent price alterations).

Countering the Metagame

The +1/+1 counters “theme” has been getting more tools in every set for a while and with the massive reduction of legal cards (Standard just shrunk from 8 to 5 sets) this fringe strategy could become a major player either in its classic G/W form or by embracing Zendikar's rainbow with the new additions of Skyrider Elf and Woodland Wanderer. Here are the “old” cards for that archetype of which you may not have noticed that they were trending upwards already. Those cards could see a spike if such a “counter-deck” is getting enough camera time:

Hardened Scales Price Trend: 1,41 €

Managorger Hydra Price Trend: 2,11 €

Avatar of the Resolute Price Trend: 0,98 €

Dromoka's Command Price Trend: 3,65 €

Alien vs. Predator

Tarkir's largest Predators are not handing over the Standard format to the Eldrazi without a fight! The Dragonlords (and their personal spells) from Dragons of Tarkir have been impressive before already, but in a condensed format with better multi-colour mana options (and without Elspeth, Sun's Champion shooting them down) they could become a dominant force again. Whether it will just be Esper, Jeskai, or 5-colour dragons, Ojutai and friends have been gaining value in anticipation of the new Standard and this weekend could help them some more.

Dragonlord Ojutai Price Trend: 15,24 €

Dragonlord Dromoka Price Trend: 5,75 €

Dragonlord Atarka Price Trend: 9,07 €

Dragonlord Silumgar Price Trend: 4,77 €

There will always be players with Aggro or Ramp strategies in the field as well, which could help various other non-Zendikar cards that players have been buying a lot recently, like these for example:

Atarka's Command Price Trend: 6,89 €

Shaman of Forgotten Ways Price Trend: 6,02 €

Knight of the White Orchid Price Trend: 0,97 €

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