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Tribal Attractions: Dryads

von Kumagoro (2019-04-25)

Dryad Tribal is not something you see often – or at all, at least within conventional environments. But it's a creature type that's been emerging from under the radar lately, after adding some marvelous new members for both Modern and Legacy.

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Should This Be Banned - Part 4

von RJGiel (2019-04-25)

Welcome back to Should This Be Banned. Last time we looked at cards that win the game with little to no effort. This article is probably the most exciting piece; looking at potential additions to the banlist! Keep in mind that this is a highly opinionated article and that I encourage you to discuss these cards and others in the comments.

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Legacy Treasures Volume 1: Spanish Inquisition

von CabalTherapy (2019-04-24)

A storm deck for purists. It made quite the splash, but has dissapeared into Legacies margins. Take a trip with Robert down memory lane as he explores the vaults of Legacy's massive, storied library.

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The Road to Mythic: Standard Simic Stompy

von Andifeated (2019-04-23)

Andifeated managed to achieve the Mythic Rank on Magic Arena in every season and format this year. Learn how the spicy brew that is Simic Stompy helped him climb the ranked ladder quickly and read everything he knows about the deck and what his Simic Stompy Sideboard Guide is.

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Leveling Up: Imagining Winning Board States

von HansD (2019-04-18)

There are many ways to win a game of Magic: The Gathering. For some decks, it's slinging Lightning Bolt at their opponents' faces until their life total is zero; for others, it might be turning big Tarmogoyfs and Death's Shadows sideways and getting into the red zone. Whether we're milling our opponents' libraries or getting there on the back of Celestial Colonnade beats, decks are built to win, and players in a competitive match of Magic try to make the decisions that maximize their win percentages.

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