War of the Sleepers: Best Bargains to Buy in Standard

von HansD (2019-05-14)

The new cards from War of the Spark have finally been released and a fluctuating meta has seen the prices of cards, well, fluctuate! While we've already seen the first wave of cards to make a name for themselves in the new metagame, this week's article highlights the bargain buys that could be making big waves in the near future!

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War of the Spark: Ravnica - A Review

von RyanS (2019-05-13)

Is War of the Spark the real end of Nicol Bolas? Did the Gatewatch manage to beat the Elder Dragon once and for all? There's only one way to find out. Ryan Scicluna reviews the War of the Spark: Ravnica novel by Greg Weisman and clues us in on whether the story is as great as it is hyped up to be.

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War of the Spark Modern Review - My Top Picks

von Rone (2019-05-13)

Nicol Bolas has returned to end all our beloved Gatewatch heroes! It doesn't matter who wins this war though, since we Modern players still get a lot of new planeswalkers to try out. In this article, let me try to evaluate every War of the Spark card that might be Modern material.

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You Shall Have Other Gods (Part 1)

von Kumagoro (2019-05-07)

The Amonkhet Gods are back, and this time they all seem able to command their share of worship. The hottest new set in recent memory has bestowed all of them (with one exception) a new incarnation worthy of play in Standard. Let's start our adoration by paying tribute to the serene Oketra and the sibylline Kefnet.

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How to Prepare for a Limited Environment: War of the Spark

von Andifeated (2019-05-02)

War of the Spark just debuted at MagicFest London and worldwide prerelease events and what an amazing edition it is. Learn how Andifeated and his friends prepared for the tournaments held this past weekend despite not having access to the cards.

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