Christian Seibold

  • Name: Christian Seibold
  • Preferred Format: Limited, Standard, Modern


I have been playing MTG since I was 18 years old and my first Pro Tour debut was PT San Juan (2010). 

Accomplishments: 1x Pro Tour Top 8, 4x GP Top 8 (1 win), 2 years Gold Pro, 2 years Silver Pro. Nowadays, I have less time for traveling and playing in many tournaments because of my job and family, but I still play GPs every now and then. 

I started (like many others) collecting Pokémon cards and tried out some other games like Yu-Gi-Oh!. But eventually, I ended up focusing on the one and only TCG: Magic The Gathering.

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Sealed in Guilds of Ravnica

von ChristianS (2018-11-05)

Christian is back at it again, this time in Guilds of Ravnica Sealed. He breaks down some general tips, and then dives into a pool to show you his train of thought while building a pool. Interested in GRN Limited, look no further.

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Azor's Gateway in Standard

von ChristianS (2018-10-19)

Chrstian Seibold has been interested in Azor's Gateway since it was first spoiled. Filtering and a game-ending land is a potent combination, but Abrade was the card's natural enemy. Well Abrade is no more and Christian is back with his version of Gateway Control. If you're interested in awesome control brews, this is the deck for you!

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Goblins, Angels, and Knights: A New Standard Format

von ChristianS (2018-10-10)

You might think that after the rotation, merfolk, vampires, pirates, and dinosaurs are the best creature types. But actually, the top tribal decks are now knights, angels, and goblins thanks to Guilds of Ravnica. Today, I want to discuss these decks and explain why they are good for Standard right now.

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Top 5 Cards in Guilds of Ravnica for Standard

von ChristianS (2018-09-26)

All the cards in Guilds of Ravnica have been spoiled and people are excited. Which new Standard decks will be built? How will the Limited format play out? How will card prices develop? Here are my top five picks in Guilds of Ravnica for the new Standard.

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Keywords in Guilds of Ravnica

von ChristianS (2018-09-06)

Christian is excited for a second return to Ravnica and he's here to break down the mechanics, talk about them in the context of both constructed and limited Magic, and builds a little hype for our 3rd trip to the City of Guilds.

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