Christopher Brunner

  • Name: Christopher Brunner
  • Preferred Format: Legacy, Modern


When Christopher started playing Magic in 2010, he fell in love with Legacy. 

While he sometimes enjoys playing Commander at kitchen tables, his heart beats for competitive magic, especially Modern and Legacy.

Accomplishments: Top 8 GP Strasbourg 2013, Top 8 MKM Hamburg 2018, and MKM 2013 Winner

Alle Artikel von Christopher Brunner

Dreadhorde Arcanist in Legacy: Hit or Miss?

von ChristopherB (2019-04-08)

War of the Spark recently spoiled a potential player in Legacy and Modern - Dreadhorde Arcanist. Christopher is here to explain what makes this card so good and what kind of decks might look to the Arcanist for its powerful value engine.

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Behind the Tag - Deck Stories Part 3

von ChristopherB (2019-03-28)

Have you ever asked what a mill deck has to do with The Four Horsemen? Why is a deck named after a Monty Python sketch? Read more about these and more as Christopher brings you four more stories of tags and their origins.

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A New Type of Delver Decks in Legacy

von ChristopherB (2019-03-13)

Delver has been a staple in Legacy since it's creation, but the lists surrounding the wizard have changed. Christopher looks at its origins and where it is today to demonstrate why it is Delver has changed.

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Three Decks for Beginners in Legacy

von ChristopherB (2019-02-19)

Getting into Legacy is quite difficult. The Reserved List made many keycards expensive and the deck variety is high. Here are three decks that are comparatively cheap and powerful to start Legacy.

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Five Reasons to Play Tron In Modern

von ChristopherB (2019-02-07)

Tron is one of the most polarizing decks in Modern. Player either love (and play) this deck or hate it. But is Tron well positioned in the meta right now? I believe so and I will tell you why 1+1+1=7 is so good.

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