Hans Davidson

  • Name: Hans Davidson
  • Preferred Format: Modern


Hans is a Modern enthusiast who began playing Magic back in the Theros block. His favorite kitchen appliance is his rice cooker, which he uses for making soup. You can find him on Twitter and ask him questions at @hansMTG.

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Leveling Up: Imagining Winning Board States

von HansD (2019-04-18)

There are many ways to win a game of Magic: The Gathering. For some decks, it's slinging Lightning Bolt at their opponents' faces until their life total is zero; for others, it might be turning big Tarmogoyfs and Death's Shadows sideways and getting into the red zone. Whether we're milling our opponents' libraries or getting there on the back of Celestial Colonnade beats, decks are built to win, and players in a competitive match of Magic try to make the decisions that maximize their win percentages.

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Early Forecast: What Rises and Falls with the Early WAR Spoilers

von HansD (2019-04-02)

Even with the very little we've gotten so far, War of the Spark looks to change the landscape of Standard in a big way. The biggest impact will be the injection of 36 planeswalkers, some which look to be format-defining, but that's not the only cards that have caught my eye. In this early forecast, I want to take a look at which cards might come out as winners and losers of the new format!

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It's All About Prime Speaker Vannifar

von HansD (2019-03-19)

To say that Standard is thriving would be an understatement. With a multitude of fully-viable build-around cards and a deep pool of supporting cards, this Standard might be one of the most diverse Standards in the history of Magic. Brewers all over the Internet have been sharing new and exciting lists every week, it seems, and the card I want to focus on today is a "fixed" version of a card that's banned in Modern: Prime Speaker Vannifar.

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The Evolution of Flying Men

von HansD (2019-03-05)

Cards in Magic oftentimes are referred to the very first card that carried a specific stat-line and card text. Especially in Limited, where cards may not have any relevant text other than their power and toughness and mana cost, creatures are regularly called Hill Giants, Grizzly Bears, and Craw Wurms. Flying Men is one such case, and we've seen the rise of these creatures in this current Standard format. Because of their prominence, I wanted to take this week's article to discuss and analyze a design that has changed quite a bit over the years.

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The Winners and Losers of the First Mythic Championship

von HansD (2019-02-26)

Mythic Championship 1 was one of the best premier tournaments in recent memory, with a wide variety of deck archetypes leaving a mark on the Standard metagame. Like any major tournament, there were winner and losers, and Hans is here to take the time this week to go over the cards and decks that left an impression. Some were good, some were bad, but they were all meaningful, so check out his findings below!

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