Gianluca Aicardi

  • Name: Gianluca "Kumagoro" Aicardi
  • Preferred Format: Modern, Commander, Legacy Tribal Wars, Limited


I hail from Genoa, Italy.

When I don't write about Magic, I write about film and television. In general, I write a lot.

When I play Magic, I usually play something with green in it. I don't know why I like green so much, I'm not even so concerned about the environment (but I'm concerned enough).

When I don't play Magic, I play things like X-Wing or Zombicide. But mostly I watch films and TV shows.

When I do things I don't like to do as much as playing games and watching films, I'm a freelance translator, editor, and proofreader. I also worked as head of programming for a couple film festivals.

I might have some mild OCD.

Alle Artikel von Gianluca Aicardi

Tribal Attractions: Dryads

von Kumagoro (2019-04-25)

Dryad Tribal is not something you see often – or at all, at least within conventional environments. But it's a creature type that's been emerging from under the radar lately, after adding some marvelous new members for both Modern and Legacy.

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Dangerous Propositions: Glimpse of Nature

von Kumagoro (2019-04-11)

The Modern ban list is a maximum security prison with 34 inmates, some of which could potentially pose a serious threat to the meta. In this ongoing series, we're reviewing each of those offenders to see if they're eligible for parole. This time it's the turn of the green storm enabler.

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Inner Workings: Dredge

von Kumagoro (2019-03-27)

In each installment of the Inner Workings series, we'll examine a different Modern archetype to find out what makes it tick. This time, it's the turn of the most successful combo deck in the current meta, a unique strategy that the DCI bans have tried to keep in check since the very beginning of the format.

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Fracturing the Continuum: The Time Walk Story

von Kumagoro (2019-03-14)

Time is fleeting! Madness takes its toll! Time-walking has always been a signature blue move, one with the power of spelling doom for the opponent, though it might as well just amount to drawing one extra card. Let’s see how many different iterations of the time-bending trick have ever been printed, and how few actually played.

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Tribal Attractions: Ooze Confidence

von Kumagoro (2019-02-27)

Sometimes it's cool to build a deck around a small tribe that doesn't invite linear strategies – something that was actually true of Ooze until Ravnica Allegiance changed their slimy game for good.

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