Jelle-Thijs Zoetmulder

  • Name: Jelle-Thijs "Peanut" Zoetmulder
  • Preferred Format: Sealed, (Chaos) Draft, Conspiracy Multiplayer, Commander


Straight from the Netherlands. Addicted to Magic: The Gathering for over 15 years. Ambitious Zof Shade collector. Odyssey-Block fan. Former MTG-YouTuber: ProjectPeanuts. Instagramtg poster. Experienced Friday Night Magic host. Invocation despiser. Limited worshipper.

I play Draft with old (expensive…) boosters with my Magic buddies, join FNMs, and sometimes visit Grands Prix. I'm that person at tournaments who create the funkiest decks. My weakest color combination is white/red. I hate the red card Trumpet Blast.

Besides Magic, I play on my Xbox One as ProPeanuts, watch series like Game of Thrones, and work full-time.

Alle Artikel von Jelle-Thijs Zoetmulder

Pauper Commander Is Worth a Try!

von Peanut (2019-08-20)

It's been a while since Jelle played Pauper Commander. But lately, Magic's expansions have provided some serious new blood to the Paupermander scene. It's a fun format with a lot of diversity. So, let's zoom in on Pauper Commander and some spicy new Commanders!

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The Stuff of Nightmares

von Peanut (2019-07-29)

In 2007, the Duel Decks: Elves vs. Goblins product released. After Peanut saw the first set, he thought he could do better than Wizards of the Coast, so he did (at least in my opinion). More specifically, he made an Atog deck. Now, years later, he feels it's time to find its worthy opponent in the form of Nightmares!

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The Story of a Magic Booster

von Peanut (2019-06-28)

A great part of Magic: The Gathering is its stories and the surrounding lore, and a lot of new schemes and storylines are put in motion when a new set is released. But how awesome would it be to start your own adventure with just one booster? Read on.

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The Amazing Winston Draft Format

von Peanut (2019-05-10)

A proper Draft needs at least six players. But have you heard about a two-player Draft setting? In this article, I'll be looking at one of my favorite ways of playing Magic: The Gathering – the glorious Winston Draft.

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