Robert Giel

  • Name: Robert Giel
  • Preferred Formats: Commander, Legacy, Highlander


I work for Cardmarket as a Product Manager and you might have seen me on the coverage team of the Cardmarket series! I fell in love with Magic and Commander in the Theros block and have been playing fanatically since then. I've played at least 65 different commanders in the past 5 years - the deckbuilding is half the fun for me. When I'm not brewing or playing Commander decks, I enjoy Legacy and other high-powered formats.

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What Brawl Does for Commander

von RJGiel (2019-09-10)

In March 2018, WotC announced a new format; Brawl. A singleton, Commander-like format that would only use cards for Standard, and thus rotate. After a rough start, WotC has decided to revive the format, but what does this mean for commander players?

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A Critical Review of Commander 2019

von RJGiel (2019-08-15)

It's that time of the year again. After a busy week of spoilers and the public reaction to the new products, everything we ever wanted to know about Commander 2019 is here. So, let's take a closer look at this year's entry, and how it competes against its predecessors.

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Utility Lands You Should be Playing

von RJGiel (2019-07-30)

One of the great things about Commander is that you can run utility lands; lands that do something besides tapping for mana. Today, Robert wants to take a look at some of the greatest potential inclusions.

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From the Vault: Kaalia

von RJGiel (2019-07-16)

Kaalia of the Vast might be one of the most iconic Commanders ever printed. Every long-time Commander player has either played a Kaalia deck or died playing against it. M20 had many surprises for commander players old and new alike, one of them was a callback to the infamous Human Cleric.

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Picking Your First Commander: The Ultimate Guide

von RJGiel (2019-07-03)

Robert is anxiously awaiting the release of this year's Commander decks. These decks always provide a great entry point for newer players. But new players don't need to wait for new Commander decks when there are so many great commanders already out there. Join him as he explores some of the best!

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