Artifact Sanctum - 7 versions

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Dragonfreak28(09.05.2015 12:56)

Coolste Karte für Artefakte; in Decks mit Artefakten, wie HAT, 3 mal ein muss; die Klausel, dass man keine Battle Phase machen darf, ist unwichtig, weil alle Artefakte sich eh nur im gegnerischen Zug aktivieren


Traptrix: From H.A.T. to Deck

von Matilda (2022-05-17)

The Traptrix archetype features level/rank four monsters utilizing various trap cards. Originally introduced in Judgment of the Light, it took half a year and the release of Primal Origins to get the deck to a playable state. It received support throughout the years and remains a viable rogue strategy to this day.

Topping Remote Regionals with Prank-Kids

von TheLastPharaoh (2022-01-20)

Remote duels are back in full swing. And what could be a better way to send off a format before the new Forbidden & Limited List drops than to enter a Remote Regional? Maybe enjoy a familiar deck in Prank-Kids? Here's what's better: Do all of that and then earn yourself a spot in the top cut!

Yu-Gi-Oh! History: Duelist Alliance

von RyanA (2021-09-21)

Some sets have a bigger impact on the game than others. Duelist Alliance, released in August 2014, went down in history as one of the few big sets that heavily shook up the format. Not only was this the first set of the pendulum era, it more importantly introduced several new meta contenders.

Looking Back at Seven Years of Yu-Gi-Oh!

von Tatsym (2020-11-12)

We all played make-believe Yu-Gi-Oh! back in the day. We saw the show on the television and all copied what they did. We all wanted to be Yami Yugi and summon Dark Magician. Eventually, we picked up the game for real. For this article I want to look back on my seven years of play.

Side Decking Right After a Banlist

von TheLastPharaoh (2020-06-23)

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden & Limited List is a tool that Konami uses to keep the game in balance by hitting cards deemed to be a threat, or by releasing those that no longer appear threatening. A ban or unban creates a new format, which leads to the question: How do you side deck for the unknown?

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