Deck Spotlight: Ocean Dragon Lord - Kairyu-Shin


Deep beneath the waters, in the unfathomable depths of the sea, the Ocean Dragon Lord has decided that the time has come to rise and to terrorize the surface, to celebrate the release of Legendary Duelists: Duels From the Deep. Non-water duelists, beware. The Ocean Dragon Lord has come to claim some wins!

Ocean Dragon Lord - Kairyu-Shin

The deck's goal is simple: if your opponent doesn't play a water deck, they will surrender. Whether you are trying to break boards or establish them, the result leaves your opponent's field empty and their life points vulnerable. The creatures dwelling in the depth of the ocean have decided to Surface and show duelists the meaning of Terror from the Deep!

Bow Before the Dragon Lord

Ocean Dragon Lord - Kairyu-Shin is the undisputed king of the deck. It's a level five sea-serpent monster with 2,000 attack. Unfortunately, Kairye-Shin is unable to special summon itself. However, once it has made it to the field, it shows why it deserves the title of Ocean Dragon Lord. As long as you have Umi on the field, each player can only control one non-water monster. Basically, say goodbye to Slamangreat, ABC, HEROs, and any other deck in need of more than one monster on the field at the same time. As if this weren't enough, once per turn during your main phase, you can search and add from deck to your hand either Umi, a "Kairyu-Shin" spell/trap, or one "Sea Stealth" spell/trap. We will get into those later.

Ocean Dragon Lord - Kairyu-Shin

Every Lord Has Minions

First, we have Electric Jellyfish, which has two effects related to Umi. By sending a face-up Umi from hand, deck, or field to the graveyard, you can special summon a water monster of any level from hand. This effect helps you either bring out your Dragon Lord, or special summon a level monster to bring out Bahamut Shark, which will give you a Toadally Awesome on your field as an omni-negate that ensures the safety of your plays and the longevity of your Dragon Lord.

Electric Jellyfish's second effect is even scarier. If your opponent activates either a monster or a spell/trap effect while Umi is on the field, you can negate said effect and Jellyfish gains 600 attack. The best part is that you do not need to limit yourself to either effect. The card says, "You can only use each effect of 'Electric Jellyfish' once per turn."

Electric Jellyfish Warrior of Atlantis

Warrior of Atlantis is a monster you want to include in your deck to search A Legendary Ocean, which is treated as Umi. A Legendary Ocean reduces the level of water monsters in hand by one, so Ocean Dragon Lord - Kairyu-Shin can be normal summoned without any tributes. Lastly, we have Maiden of the Aqua, a searchable 2,000 defense Umi, which helps Ocean Dragon Lord - Kairyu-Shin apply its effect to the field.

Weapons of the Deepsea Army

Fish Sonar is one of the new cards debuting in Legendary Duelists: Duels From the Deep. By activating it, you can add a level seven or lower water monster from deck to hand that mentions Umi or is a normal monster. Then, if Umi is already face-up on the field, you can special summon a normal water monster from deck. Not only does Fish Sonar help you search for your Ocean Dragon Lord, it also adds a body to your field. Not bad at all for a normal spell card, right?

Are you looking for a way to put more pressure on your opponent? Remember that your Ocean Dragon Lord can search Kairyu-Shin cards? Fury of Kairyu-Shin therefore is a must in this deck. It adds a Torrential Tribute to your hand and can be banished from the graveyard to stop a water monster you control from being destroyed by a card effect. Another weapon in your arsenal is Rage of Kairyu-Shin, which is a quickplay spell card that, as long as you control Umi, can target and destroy a number of your opponent's monsters, up to the number of water monsters you control whose original levels are five or higher. Usually, you will have one or two of such monsters on the field. Targeting destruction is not the best, but it is searchable, meaning it still is good.

The last Kairyu-Shin card is Kairyu-Shin's Dark Reef. It is a normal trap card. At the cost of sending Umi from field to grave, you can special summon up to two monsters that mention Umi from hand or deck. Then, as a bonus, if your opponent controls a monster, you can also special summon any number of normal water monsters from hand or deck. By using this card though, you get locked into water monsters until the end of your next turn.

One more searchable trap card that can both protect Umi and Kairyu-Shin is Sea Stealth Attack. On activation, you can activate Umi from hand or graveyard, providing you with some recycling power. The card then has two effects to choose from as long as Umi is on the field. The first effect lets you banish a water monster until the end phase to make your spells and trap cards unaffected by your opponent's card effects. The second effect destroys any monster battling with a level five or higher water monster you control at the start of the damage step.

Overall, it is a casual deck that can catch opponents by surprise and is a lot of fun to play. Can the deck stand on its own against the top-tier decks? Probably not, but the angry Ocean Dragon Lord sure can get a few wins, especially if someone builds a more competitive version. The most expensive card in the main deck is Fish Sonar, which is essential to the consistency and power of your deck.

What do you think about the deck? Do you think it can be considered as a rogue strategy or will it remain obscure in the casual corner? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

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Freezing-1(24.06.2022 22:59)

I think it is beautiful that finaly the Umi Theme is playable. I find the Cards really funny! I had the luck to buy Fish Sonar 4. 50€ each before the Spikes.

Yu-Gi-Lars(23.06.2022 02:41)

There is only 1 true Ocean Dragon Lord, and that is: Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo Daedalus.

Pharaoh7(23.06.2022 11:58)

They'd have to fight it out :D

Yu-Gi-Lars(23.06.2022 13:46)

Pharaoh7 2900 ATK easily decimates 2000 ATK though

BakaBaizuo(23.06.2022 19:17)

The true lord of the oceans is the Phantasm Spiral Dragon, the beast that hunts the Atlanteans!

Raiden99(25.06.2022 11:42)(Edited: 25.06.2022 12:55)

Kairyu Shin was the "King of the Ocean" when the useless Neo Daedalus didn't even exist in its base form and Daedalus itself was probably inspired by Kairyu Shin as its name translates into "Leviathan" and it was called a "sea dragon" thus explaining why Daedalus was called Levia-Dragon. Furthermore, Kairyu Shin having now the same title of Neo Daedalus may mean two things: its overthrow and replacement by the former similarly to what happened to other structure deck boss monsters, and that we won't get a remake of Fury from the Deep just like Simorgh Lord of the Storm was called like the homonym structure deck because its wave of supports was actually its remake so this also may be the case.