This Week on Video (31/2022)

Every week Cardmarket's YouTube channel publishes a lot of exciting Yu-Gi-Oh! content that you don't want to miss—discussing new cards and long-awaited reprints, the latest tech and the best decks, falling and rising prices … Collecting everything in one place, here's your TV program for the week of August 1.

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This article has been updated throughout the week with embedded videos, additional information, and lists of cards or decks.

Tuesday, 16:00

The Irish language is so underrepresented outside of Ireland, it's quite exciting to see it in a multinational trading card game!

Thursday, 16:00

Blue-Eyes won a World Championship due to the fact it butchered the mixed meta. That still doesn't mean they're good right now!

Friday, 17:00

From playground rules to card types you just don't see anymore, take a trip down memory lane with us as we reminisce about how Yu-Gi-Oh! used to be.

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Crazylew920(02.08.2022 22:35)

Interesting insight, I watched some of this on YouTube. It's funnythat yugioh is japanese and yet they base there story on real life sometimes lol

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