Understanding the Enigma of Endymion


Endymion decks came about with the release of the Order of the Spellcasters structure deck and rely heavily on pendulum monsters. The archetype focuses on spell counters and utilizing pendulum summoning to great effect. To understand how, we must explore the deck as a whole and see what made it so magical.

Endymion, the Mighty Master of Magic

The Master Manipulator

The pure version of the deck focuses on taking advantage of spell counters and pendulum monster effects to bring out more monsters. By setting up an Endymion, the Mighty Master of Magic, you give yourself protection, with the ability to break boards going second. Other cards in the archetype, such as Reflection of Endymion, can bolster the deck's level of disruption by bouncing an opponent's card when special summoned. Magister of Endymion is also a key component in summoning archetype monsters from the deck or extra deck and can be stubborn to remove from the field.

reflection of endymion magical citadel of endymion

Magical Citadel of Endymion's effect to continuously generate spell counters for your monsters to utilize gives the deck the opportunity to extend its combos. Pairing this with other spells like the searcher Spell Power Mastery means you have consistent ways to generate the resources you need. This assists the pendulum summoning mechanic in allowing you to swarm the field with Endymion cards, which have effects reliant on spell counters. This field spell also resists destruction as long as it has at least one counter on it.

The Apprentice Archetypes

Other pendulum archetypes have good synergy with the Endymion deck and can help it reach its fullest potential. Pendulum Magicians are spellcasters as well and have a variety of useful pendulum effects, including Double Iris Magician, which was recently released from its time on the Forbidden and Limited List. Zefra is an archetype of monsters that focus on pendulum summons in a faster and more aggressive way, due to powerful cards like Zefraath.

double iris magician mythical beast master cerberus

Mythical Beasts can be summoned by Endymion monsters and generate more spell counters for negates and destruction effects. Mythical Beast Master Cerberus protects itself as a result of its increased spell counter production, then removes counters to banish an opponent's monster and gain its attack. Mythical Endymion decks are more capable of breaking boards while setting up their own negates, making for a difficult engine to stop.

The Eternal Endymion

During 2019, Endymion was one of the few meta decks that competed in what is known by fans as the "Eternal Format." Pendulum decks as a whole were able to do well against the top decks because of their distinct advantage under the former "New Master Rules." With the introduction of link monsters, the playable zones shifted, and the new rules favored the new summoning mechanic. At the time, monsters summoned from the extra deck had to be summoned either to the new extra monster zone or a zone a link monster points to.

While this also applied to pendulum monsters in the extra deck, you could still use the monsters in your hand as a result of your pendulum summon for the turn. This meant pendulum decks like Endymion could more quickly access powerful link monsters than other decks due to the sheer number of resources at their disposal. As the "Master Rule 2020" went into effect the following year, extra deck summoning lost this restriction and pendulum decks were beaten out of the meta.

Heavymetalfoes Electrumite odd-eyes vortex dragon

Speaking of the extra deck, Endymion had a handful of iconic link monsters it put to good use during the Eternal Format. The first of these is Heavymetalfoes Electrumite, which is now banned because of how versatile it was as a generic searcher and draw card for pendulum decks. By getting any pendulum monster you wanted from the main deck to the extra deck, and then to your hand, you could cheat out powerful cards with just a link two.

As well as this, there was a trio of link monsters known as the Guardragons, which have also received bans, with Guardragon Pisty as its only surviving member … for now. These incredibly powerful monsters helped you summon dragons from your deck, graveyard, or extra deck through the use of link arrows. With the Endymion archetype containing level seven monsters, the deck already supported generic dragon monsters like Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon and Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon.

With this in mind, I think its clear to see how the deck functions so effectively, and how it became one of the greats during a format in its favor. There have been a variety of different Endymion decks that have seen success, and its no surprise with an archetype as good at what it does as this one. Let us know what you think about Endymion and whether you'd like to see coverage of other historic decks of the Eternal Format in the comments below.

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deepsolid(13.10.2021 14:40)

What even was the point of this article? This reads like a wiki page

CornnFlaekk(12.10.2021 22:30)

So basically electrumite should come back. No reason not to.

Iliaster(12.10.2021 00:07)

I remember getting the Structure Deck: Spellcaster's Command Deck (the actual first Endymion Deck) as a child, and I absolutely love Endymion, the master magician. It's kinda sad to me that he never sees play nowadays, despite his own archetype being at least somewhat playable. But he still got the coolest art out of all the Endymion-cards :P