Useful Generic Cards from Blazing Vortex


Blazing Vortex is finally here. It introduces the metagame to some powerful generic cards that fit different decks and strategies. Some of them are TCG exclusives, making it difficult to assess their impact as the OCG never experienced them. Let's take a look at some of the more promising candidates …


Psychic Eraser Laser

One of the world premiere cards that this set is boasting, Psychic Eraser Laser is a very interesting normal spell. It can deal with one of the monsters that the opponent summoned from the extra deck in exchange for giving them life points equal to either the attack or defense of that monster—whichever is higher. It is basically a Kaiju but masquerades as a spell card. This is both advantage and disadvantage at the same time. The advantage is that it can bypass boards that are full of monster negations. The disadvantage, however, is exactly that: negation. Kaijus do not activate when using their effect, which means they're not susceptible to negations. Eraser Laser on the other hand can be negated as it must be activated on the field in order to resolve.

psychic eraser laser

Further comparisons to Kaijus have to include that the latter can hit any monster controlled by the opponent while Eraser Laser can only affect a monster summoned from the extra deck—which also includes pendulum-summoned monsters from the extra deck. A further disadvantage is that the opponent gains life points in exchange for losing their monster. Similar cards such as Lava Golem and The Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode also have their own doensides, but they can hit more monsters. Fortunately, Eraser Laser can overcome the main issue of all these cards mentioned above, excluding Sphere Mode: Notice how all of these cards rely on being special summoned? This makes them powerless against cards such as Vanity's Fiend and Vanity's Ruler. The latter is a real threat nowadays in Drytron decks and Eraser Laser can get rid of it.

Overall, non-targeting, non-destruction removal is always something players look for. At the moment of writing this article, there is no clear indication yet how viable this card will be. It could act as extra copies of Kaijus since the opponent can only be given a single one. One could also use Eraser Laser in strategies that rely on manipulating life points, for example in decks such as Nurse Burn. Magical Muskets would probably prefer this card to Kaijus as well since it would help trigger the monster effects.

Underworld Goddess of the Closed World

Underworld Goddess of the Closed World

This is the third legal link five monster we receive, and it is effectively a link four monster that your opponents will hate to face. Underworld Goddess of the Closed World has a lot of effects, but the most interesting is the first one: "You can also use 1 monster your opponent controls as material to Link Summon this card." Why use your own monsters only when you can use one from the other side of the field? Untargetable monsters are also within your reach. Underworld Goddess needs four or five effect monsters, so using a link two monster controlled by the opponent would be the best scenario if there is not any specific monster you need to get rid of. However, to use this effect, you either must go second or wait until your opponent has a monster for you.

Another of its effects is that, If it is link summoned, you can choose to permanently negate the effects of all face-up monsters on the opponent's side of the field. Sounds like a nice bonus just for summoning it. It has another effect, which is the reverse of what we usually get. If link summoned, it is unaffected by the opponent's activated effects, unless they target this card. It is an effect that could be good against mass removal such as Torrential Tribute or Prank-Kids Battle Butler, but it can lose to a simple Dogmatika Punishment.

The last effect is just an additional bonus Konami bestowed upon this card. Once per turn during either player's turn, when the opponent activates a card or effect that special summons a monster—or monsters—from the graveyard, its activation can be negated. Seeing that the meta currently relies significantly on the graveyard, this card came at the right time! Overall, it is a solid option, and its summoning requirements are not too steep since the opponent will generously provide you with one of the materials. It might see itself into some extra decks soon.

Angel Statue - Azurune

Angel Statue - Azurune

The Eldlich theme provided us with some strong trap monsters recently; however, they all need an Edlich monster on the field to unlock their full effects. Angel Statue - Azurune is a new generic trap monster that could give trap monster and Eldlich decks a boost. When activated, it becomes a level four effect monster with 1800 attack and defense. While this card is in a monster zone and the opponent special summons a monster, you can send Angel Statue or any other trap monster (that is in a monster zone) to the graveyard to negate the summon and destroy the monster(s). Additionally, if destroyed by battle, the monster that destroyed it gets destroyed too.

While all of that may not make for a game-breaking card, it is still a nice option that can find itself included in a couple of decks. If you do not see your Eldlich monsters, the Golden Land traps are not just defensive walls anymore, they are fodder for Angel Statue and can be sent to the graveyard to replace themselves.



Another world premiere and one of the most controversial double-edged cards of the set, Underdog is a somewhat fair Skill Drain that negates the effects of face-up monsters on the opponent's field during your turn, and yours during the opponent's turn. As an effect it is very simple and straightforward. However, as usage for the card might go, it is still in the uncharted territory and it might hurt its user when incorporated into some strategies that otherwise use monster effects during the opponent's turn such as Prank-Kids and Altergeist.

In theory, it can benefit decks that do not use monster effects during the opponent's turn. Luckily it only affects monsters that are face-up on the field, so hand traps and monsters that activate in the graveyard would still be viable. Maybe Pure Eldlich could utilize it—even with Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon—since Eldlich the Golden Lord can turn it off by sending it to the graveyard if needed. Mystic Mine decks will also benefit from this card, but do not say this was my idea, please!

Sacred Tree Beast, Hyperyton

Sacred Tree Beast, Hyperyton

Hyperton is our potential replacement for True King of All Calamities in case it gets hit on an upcoming ban list because of Virtual World. During your turn, if you activate a card or effect, you can attach the same type of card to Hyperton from your graveyard as xyz material. Then during your opponent's turn, if a card or effect is activated, you can negate and destroy it by detaching the same type of card.

While it doesn't offer the same level of mass monster negation and attack prevention, it can negate a wider range of cards. Also, it may not have the same attack and defense stats as Calamities, but it is still a fine beat stick that can get over decent-sized monsters. Only time will tell if this card makes for a good replacement. However, we should not ignore its potential.

Pot of Prosperity

Possibly the best card from Blazing Vortex. I discussed it extensively in my previous article.

pot of prosperity

Which of the above cards do you think will have a strong impact other than Pot of Prosperity? Are there more generic cards from the set that you see having an influence on the game? Let us know in the comment section below!

Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily Cardmarket.

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Shoul(12.02.2021 18:31)

Underdog is just such a terrible card. Skill drain is playable, because the benefits are harnessed as soon as the next turn. Underdog needs to be set for 2 turns to have any positive effect.
-People considered any trap too slow and it couldn’t always agree, but waiting this long for a card is not viable of games only last 1 - 3 games.

The only way Underdog becomes good is, if an archetype is made, that wants its effects on board negated during the opponents turn like Qliphort.

Pharaoh7(12.02.2021 21:01)

Just wait and let's see what happens when they unban Towers :D

ElementsCinder(22.02.2021 02:42)

Isnt towers at 3 already lmao

Daffel(11.02.2021 12:50)

How exactly is Psychic Eraser Laser suppose to send Vanity's Fiend and Vanity's Ruler to the GY since neither of those are special summoned from the extra deck as far as I know.

Nemo1993(11.02.2021 14:31)

Daffel that's so true xD

Pharaoh7(11.02.2021 14:49)

Daffel and Nemo1993

You are both absolutely right. It cannot.
Apologies for the mistake

Cylla(11.02.2021 00:35)

I am glad someone shares my thought about Hyperyton being a future replacement for VFD. When I first saw the card, I looked at it as the reason why VFD was not on the last banlist.
I have the feeling Azurune will prove itself to be a very good card. Slower Solemn built-in a free level 4 light with big attack and defense? Sure!

Isabelle98(11.02.2021 00:33)

Very interesting and clear ! Many thanks