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Eric Ortega Quintana


Lepprince has been playing the game since 2017 and is known wide and far for posting dumb stuff about Yu-Gi-Oh! on his Twitter.

Alle Artikel von Eric Ortega Quintana

Power of the Elements: Back to the 2013 Format

von Lepprince (2022-08-17)

Power of the Elements is finally here, and with it come new decks that reshape the format. But, in spite of all the news, longtime players may experience flashbacks to a format from way back in the day. This author can't be the only one who is getting serious Dragon Ruler versus Spellbook vibes, right?

2 Kommentare

Invoked: Five Years of Normal Summons

von Lepprince (2022-05-05)

February 23, 2017 saw the release of Fusion Enforcers. The set brought with it a ton of Predaplant and Fluffal support, but vastly overshadowing these two was Invoked. This simple but versatile engine quickly found itself in top cut breakdowns. How did it happen? And why are people still playing it five years later?

13 Kommentare

Edison: Goat's Younger Brother

von Lepprince (2022-02-15)

We already covered the ever so popular Goat a while ago. This, however, is not the only historic Yu-Gi-Oh! format out there that still enjoys play to this day. The very small period in time that became known for the headline event of SJC Edison 2010 gave us one of the most diverse environments ever!

9 Kommentare

The January 2022 Ban List: Finally a Big Shakeup!

von Lepprince (2022-02-02)

It's here! It took a bit, but we have finally received the long-awaited update to the Forbidden & Limited List. This format was fun, but it was getting stale, really. Most of the top decks relying on floodgates or un-outable boards didn't help, but did this ban list fix the issues?

5 Kommentare

First Impressions: Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

von Lepprince (2022-01-27)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel is upon us! Revealed half a year ago, the long-awaited official simulator for our favorite TCG is finally here. The trailers looked absolutely amazing, but does it live up to the expectations? Is it really free to play? Is it a buggy mess? Here are some first impressions!

10 Kommentare