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Sherif Lewis

  • Name: Sherif "The Last Pharaoh" Lewis


As a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! for more than fifteen years, Sherif has been following the game closely and has been writing articles on and off for the past five years. He topped the only regional held in his second homeland, Albania, in 2019. He hopes that one day his other homeland, the land of the Pharaohs, will have official events.

Alle Artikel von Sherif Lewis

Card Spotlight: Nadir Servant

von TheLastPharaoh (2021-04-28)

Every now and then, there is this one card that gets printed which players glance at and say: "This card is amazing, and it can benefit my deck(s) so much." The topic of today's article fits the description perfectly, turning the extra deck into a way of gaining advantage in card economy.

1 Kommentar

Five Timeless Strategies

von TheLastPharaoh (2021-04-27)

Some decks are just timeless. Beloved and treasured by many, they can be picked up at any time during a given format and will do well in the hands of experienced duelists, almost like a trusted old friend. Today we're highlighting some of these decks that can still compete even years after being introduced.

9 Kommentare

Anti-Meta Pick: Synchro Assault Mode

von TheLastPharaoh (2021-04-20)

The beauty of Yu-Gi-Oh! Is that you can mix together so many cards either to improve certain decks or to create decks that have never been seen before. What happens when a player decides to try their hand at the Assault Mode strategy? The result is anything but ordinary—extraordinarily interesting.

6 Kommentare

Innovation Corner: Invoked Dino

von TheLastPharaoh (2021-04-08)

Welcome to Innovation Corner! In this series, we are going to explore interesting decks or combos that are fairly obscure or don't see mainstream play. The goal here is to give food for thought and break the mold. First, can the Invoked and Dinosaur themes work together in the same deck?

2 Kommentare

Remote Duels: Good or Bad?

von TheLastPharaoh (2021-03-30)

The pandemic arrived and changed how we live our lives. We had to adapt to new realities and change the way we did a lot of things. Yu-Gi-Oh! events were put on hold because of the risks associated with gathering. But then Konami came up with their answer to revitalize play: remote duels!

13 Kommentare