Set Information

Omnimon Everywhere: The Battle of Omni

What happens if you take one of the most iconic Digimon,  Omnimon, and make a whole set around it? On 06 August 2021, we found out when BT5 Battle of Omni was released, with four different Omnimon, with a total of 12 arts, packed into a stellar set.

The Many Faces of Omnimon

Everyone's favorite Royal Knight Digimon makes a return, with the new Omnimon standing at 14000 DP, slightly weaker than the 1.0 version. However, it makes up for this 1000 DP reduction by adding Blitz, the new keyword in the set, which allows it to attack even if Digivolving would pass the turn. Combined with a built in Unsuspend on Digivovling effect, Omnimon all but guarantees two attacks on demand, which pairs fantastically with red's ability to check multiple security per attack.

Omnimon Zwart on the other hand works with purple and black's synergies with the trash, trashing the top three cards of the deck to bring back up to two 8 costs Digimon. While trashing cards from the top of the deck can be risky, this card enables a loop with Lilithmon from 1.0, allowing purple to build massive boards with seemingly infinite memory. A key part of this loop stems from Omnimon Zwart returning a level six underneath it to hand when attacking, recycling the Lilithmon to let you replay it. Oh, and it just so happens to delete an opposing Level six or lower Digimon, to round it all out.

The other purple and black Omnimon, Omnimon Zwart Defeat, plays entirely differently. Taking up one of the Secret slots in the set, it is more likely to come into play through the Security effect than other methods. When an opponent attacks into your security stack, if they reveal Omnimon Zwart Defeat, you get to play it, for free, getting a 13000 DP beater out of the bargain. Any security control themed decks will be aiming to play four if they can get their hands on this chase card.

And finally, but by no means least, Onnimon X Anti-body rounds out the set as a 15000 DP Digimon that all the other Omnimon can Digivolve into. The effect to prevent attacks in the opposing turn is neat, but the biggest feature of the card is the old-school artwork on the alternate art, a nod to the original Digimon Card Game.

Arise, LordKnightmon!

Omnimon is not the only Royal Knight making an appearance in Battle of Omni, with the pink, but actually yellow, LordKnightmon throwing down the gauntlet at the deck to beat. Combining perfectly with Starmons from the set, and BushiAgumon from BT4, the card lets you make a wide board effortlessly, while controlling your opponents. Beyond even playing the extra Level three Digimon, the ability to play Knightmon for free makes removing opposing threats, while establishing multiple LordKnightmon very easy, and just as scary.