Set Information

A Card Game Callback: Classic Collection

This current Digimon Card Game is not the first game using the franchise, and Classic Collection EX1 is a nod at the games that came before. Featuring art in the older style and released in time for the holidays on 10 December 2021, this set hits all the nostalgic notes.

Original Partners, Original Art

Each of the original partner Digimon, from Digimon Adventure 01, get a new card in Classic Collection. GomamonIkkakumon, and Zudomon form a core based around removing Digivolution cards from the opponent, removing the effects they grant, and allowing Ikkakumon and Zudomon to attack unsuspended Digimon. The line tops off at Plesiomon, which draws cards when the sources are trashed, building resources. If those resources happen to include MetalGarurumon, then it becomes possible to Digivolve cheaply while clearing up an opposing Digimon with an On Deletion effect.

Yellow gained a bunch of Angel cards, with effects that become strongest at exactly three security cards remaining. The Patamon line focuses on boosting the strength of your Digimon, with MagnaAngemon reaching 11000 DP when attacking. Meanwhile, Angewomon reduces the DP of opposing Digimon, making it easier for you to remove them, and survive security checks. Both Level Six Digimon provide Recovery +1 effects, drawing the game out alongside the defensive tools.

Raging Against the Machinedramon

The secret in Classic Collection is one of the Dark Masters, Machinedramon. Much like when it debuted in Digimon Adventure, Machinedramon uses an army of mechanical Digimon to unleash powerful attacks. At a base cost of 12, when played from hand it can reduce the cost by one for each Cyborg Digimon placed under it from the trash. These Cyborgs, such as Andromon and MetalTyrannomon boost Machinedramon, making it an 11000 DP Blocker with Reboot. Outside of strong defensive tools, Machinedramon also has access to Megadramon from the red cards, letting it apply pressure with Security +1. It also comes with fantastic built-in protection, with immunity from reducing DP effects, limiting effective removal to attacking over it, or hard removal effects. Even those prove less effective, as Machnindramon can trade off some of the Inherited effects to prevent deletion.

Not to be outdone, the other Digimon Adventure big bad also appears in the set, and VenomMyotismon is looking for revenge. With Retaliation baked in, VenomMyotismon baits removal Option cards, or else the opponent is forced to lose one of their own big Digimon in exchange for deleting it. VenomMyotismon can recruit an army of angry minions when attacking, such as the Level 3 DemiDevimon. If there is a Digivolved Wizardmon in play, these DemiDevimon can Rush in straight away, either deleting Digimon or providing extra attacks at security. The deck also has access to Fight for Your Pride! to give the large Retaliation threats Blocker, buying a few more turns to pull off the combo.