Set Information

Double Diamond in the Rough: BT6

Hitting stores first in Europe on 15 October 2021, Double Diamond continued adding new Royal Knight Digimon, and for the first time, added multiple new white Digimon, outside of level sevens.

Forging New Bonds

The original Tamers from Adventure make a reappearance in this set, either in memory gaining pairs, or in the case of Matt Ishida and Tai Kamiya, as key cards in their powerful new Bond decks.

Blue gets Gabumon – Bond of Friendship, a Level seven with 14000 DP, and is all about speed. Allowing you to Unsuspend if you have a Tamer in play, it is very easy to attack twice, and combined with this sets Gabumon, it is possible to swing up to three times. The decks that this card is likely to appear in lack in Level 6 Digimon, but Matt Ishida helps but letting you skip that at the cost of trashing two of your own Security. And to help the whole deck run effectively, Matt even helps you draw cards and gain memory!

On the other side of the Bond pairing, Agumon – Bond of Bravery is a more removal heavy build for red. Instead of rushing the opponent with multiple attacks, Agumon – Bond of Bravery does what red does best, hit for multiple security, assuming Agumon from the set is underneath it. With all the removal options that the deck can fit, it can easily take games without the opponent having anything stick.

The Dark (Royal)Knight Rises

Building on the Royal Knights introduced in BT5, BT6 introduces Alphamon, a new approach to the defensive gameplan black often employs. If checked in security, it goes to your hand, and if you control a Royal Knight, such as the Gankoomon from this set, all your opponent's Digimon are unable to attack for the turn. This combos nicely with Gankoomon's effect to gain Security Attack +1 when your opponent controls any unsuspended Digimon.

Red decks also gained a new Royal Knight in Jesmon. In combination with the Huckmon line, Jesmon can attack multiple times if you control a Sistermon, which it conveniently allows you to play when you attack. The Huckmon itself forms a part of the consistency of the deck, allowing you to dig several cards deeper to find missing parts of the combo. Both Sistermon Blanc and Ciel are nothing to sneeze at either, either gaining Blocker if you have a Huckmon or Jesmon in play or granting extra DP. The deck also gained one of the most powerful Option cards in the set, Judgement of the Blade, letting your Jesmon attack unsuspended Digimon. Since Jesmon can easily boost its DP to be 16000 or more, and gain Piercing, it is almost certain to delete something, and check Security while it does so.