Set Information

The Next Adventure for the Digimon Card Game

Digimon has explored the idea of Tamers and Digimon joining together to gain strength, and Next Adventure pushes that theme into the TCG. BT7 launched on 04 March 2022, featuring the Hybrid Digimon from Digimon Frontier. The Digimon Card Game will never be the same.

The Dawn of the Hybrid Era

Digimon that can Digivolve from Tamers were introduced in BT4, but now this ability is spread to many more colors, and the Tamers themselves grant Inherited Effects to the Digimon on top of them.

Yellow gains Zoe Orimoto, another card that allows them to search their Security stack for cards they are missing. And the Security stack can get pretty big, with JetSilphymon triggering Recovery +1 when Digivolving. Once the extra cards are in security, their DP is boosted by Zoe Orimoto¸ Zephyrmon and AncientKazemon, forcing the opponent to think twice before attacking you.

Green picked up a candidate for a strong budget build with their new Hybrid support. With J.P. Shibayama granting Piercing while it is in a Digimon's sources, it offers a strong board control style, while maintaining good pressure. RhinoKabuterimon offers a unique When Attacking effect, allowing it to Digivolve in the middle of an attack, ideally into AncientBeetlemon. If you attacked an opposing Digimon and deleted it, you then get the effect to delete a card from your opponent's security, before getting the check for the Piercing from J.P. And all the cards mentioned are, at most, Rare!

In keeping with the overall aggressive styling of red, Takuya Kanbara gives anything with more than 10000 DP Security Attack +1, which becomes a lot easier with many of the Hybrid cards boosting their own DP in some way. Aldamon reaches the threshold with the When Digivolving effect, giving access to a 12000 DP, Security +1 attack for very little memory investment. However, if the attack ends up seeing the Aldamon get deleted, Takuya Kanbara offers another trick; the ability to Digivolve directly into EmperorGreymon by placing five Hybrid cards from trash under Takuya. With the ability to Blitz an extra attack for game, and with access to all the powerful Inherited Effects, EmperorGreymon offers the chance to end games from out of the blue.

Eyesmon Sees All

But not all the fun comes from Hybrid Digimon. Purple gains an extraordinary engine with Eyesmon and Eyesmon: Scatter Mode. Cheap to play from hand Eyesmon: Scatter Mode allows you to draw three cards when deleted, easily recovering any resources invested, before discarding two. Not only does this provide an excellent cycle, but if you discard two Eyesmon, they both get played directly to the field, shortcutting from one Digimon in play to two! In combination with Nidhoggmon, which gains memory when discarded, this engine is likely to find a home for a long time.