Set Information

Playing Catchup – Release Special Booster 1.5

Hot on the heels of the launch of 1.0, the rest of BT 1-3 dropped on 12 March 2021 in Release Special Booster 1.5. Providing a much-needed boost to all the colors, 1.5 shook up the game, adding a huge variety of viable decks and some of the most flexible Options printed.

Digisorbing The Opposition

Perhaps the biggest winner with Release Special Booster 1.5 was green, unleashing the color's theme of very efficient Digivolution costs with Digisorption; by suspending one of your Digimon, you can reduce the costs of Digivolving to zero! But suspending your own Digimon leaves them exposed to your opponent's attacks, but Ceresmon fixes that. Now, instead of suspending your own Digimon, you may suspend one of your opponent's, letting you lock down their board, and continue building your own. In fact, the deck was so efficient that it led to the first card limitations in the game, with both Hidden Potential Discovered and Argomon Lv. 5 limited to one copy per deck. Turns out Digivolving for free is pretty good!

Yellow Shines Bright

Yellow continued to push the Tamer and control playstyle, gaining the ability to board clear with ShineGreymon. The On Digivolving effect to reduce your opponent's Digimon's DP by 4000 for each Tamer suspended allowed for both removal of singular tall targets or fully clearing any Rookie rush boards. In combination with RizeGreymon allowing you to cheat an extra tamer out, the oppressive control deck just got even better.

Two Color Combos

Fans of the Adventure 02 series might be familiar with Imperialdramon Dragon Mode. With ties to Veemon and Wormon, this line is the first in the Digimon TCG to be able to Digivolve from two different colors, both blue and green). This flexibility allowed the deck to pick from both colors for strong cards and finish it off with multiple attacks from Imperialdramon Dragon Mode. And with Jamming, it was almost certain to get those attacks off since it cannot be deleted in battle when checking Security.

But the combination of Blue and Green was not only limited to one deck. The Jamming Veemon became a crucial part of the Blue-Green Rookie Rush deck, spamming out cheap attackers like Aruramumon to beat the opponent before they ever really got going. Combined with We Have to Stop Fighting, protecting the board after swinging in for the turn, the sticky boards pose a tough question to any slower decks in the format. Meanwhile, aggressive decks could fall foul of Positron Laser, preventing two Digimon from attacking, and potentially returning another to hand. What a rush!