Set Information

ST7 Gallantmon – The Crimson Knight

One of two starter decks released on 15 October 2021, Gallantmon takes old favorites and gives them a new twist. Featuring partner Digimon from Tamers and Data Squad, the deck packs a few key upgrades to red, but also offers a fantastic standalone deck for new players.

Even More Greymon!

Starting with the non-titular line in the deck, the new Agumon provides red with a solid, generically good Inherited Effect, boosting attacking Digimon by 2000 DP, if it at a player. Although red has multiple ways to gain extra DP already, including the new Gigimon Digitama, this boost can provide key break points to beat over Security cards. Speaking of Security, the GeoGreymon line offers red their first Security Digimon, able to play itself should an opponent reveal it when attacking and providing a big swing in board presence by Deleting one Digimon with 4000 DP when it does so. This removal focus continues with RizeGreymon, but unfortunately comes at the cost of having to play the seven-cost Digimon directly from hand. However, if the effect, to Delete something with 5000 DP or less hits a Level four Digimon that was hard played, it can recoup some value. The Mega for the line is ShineGreymon, which feels like a classic red card, with both Piercing and Security +1, an interesting combination that allows for removing key parts from the opposing board, while also keeping pressure on.

Guilmon on the other hand looks to full speed, skipping from Rookie to Mega, dropping Gallantmon extremely easily. The Virus Digimon also comes with card draw when a Digimon is deleted, which combines nicely with the GeoGreymon from earlier, and happens to have some of the best-textured art in the Digimon Card Game. Skipping directly to Gallantmon is likely to trigger the draw too, as Gallantmon deletes a Digimon with 4000 DP or less when attacking. If the opponent plays around this, Gallantmon still has value, boosting itself to 14000 DP for the turn, making it more likely that both Security checks go off without a hitch. Skipping to Gallantmon is not entirely without downside, as the Inherited Effects from the Champion and Ultimate stages turn removal effects into more resources and pressure. Growlmon effectively reduces the cost of removal effects by one, gaining a memory back when something is deleted, and WarGrowlmon is likely to see play due to the conditional Security +1 effect, which can be also triggered if a Digimon is deleted.

High Value Reprints

ST7 Gallantmon provides value outside of the new toys, including reprints of several vanilla, low Digivolution cost cards from BT1. But the real value comes from a reprint of one of the best cards from the first red starter deck, Gaia Force. For a while, copies of this card could run as much as the cost of the whole deck, and unlike ST1, this deck packs a full four copies!