Set Information

ST10 - Parallel World Tactician Devised a Clever Strategy in May

Yellow and purple Digimon cards were paired throughout the BT7 format, but with the release of Parallel World Tactician on the 13 May 2022, the synergies are taken to a new world. Making use of the new two-color cards, and the powerful new DNA Digivolve mechanic, the cards in the starter deck may become one of the top decks to play.

Angels, the Fallen, and the Gods of Olympus

Yellow cards have largely focused on the "good" Digimon, while purple has focused on their fallen counterparts. This starter deck continues this trend, with yellow gaining a new Angewomon and purple another LadyDevimon. Angewomon takes the old BT3 version's effect and makes it an On Play, a seemingly high price to pay for the Security -2. Meanwhile, the LadyDevimon provides consistency, with the When Digivolving digging through the top 3 cards of the deck to find another Angel, Archangel, or Fallen Angel card.

But the Inherited Effects of both Level 5 Digimon hint at the real strength of the deck: gaining extra abilities if both yellow and purple colors are in play. Mastemon leverages these effects best, by counting as both yellow and purple, allowing it potentially gain both Retaliation and Security Attack +1. This does require two Level 5 Digimon in the stack, which can be achieved by DNA Digivolving: stacking both source stacks on top of each other to create one big stack, for a reduced memory cost of zero.

If the deck manages this, Mastemon's When Digivolving effect can both help prolong the game by attacking a Digimon from Trash to the Security stack, or to build a bigger board by playing one from the stack for free. This makes the Angewomon effect far stronger, but can also pair with other cards, like Lucemon: Chaos Mode. This can quickly snowball, with the All Turns effect allowing massive amounts of removal.

The starter deck also introduces the Olympos XII Digimon to the card game, with Junomon rounding out the top end of the deck. With built in Retaliation as protection, the 11000 DP Digimon is likely to stick around for a turn or two. Added recycling and deck thinning with the When Devolving effect can also act as a pseudo-search and help set up the Trash for Mastemon to make use of.

Lending an Ear: Salamon and Gatomon

To reach Mastemon and start the decks late game, both Salamon and Gatomon provide vital support. Both pack a new effect trigger in their Inheritable effect: End of Turn. This, as the name suggests, triggers when memory passes over to the opponent's side, and allows for you to DNA Digivolve. This can allow for huge swing plays, as committing the memory to set up the stacks to merge can easily push the memory gauge too far, even with Gatomon reducing the costs.

Excellent Value

Not only does the deck provide multiple ways to reuse resources efficiently, but it also presents an excellent point for new players to venture into the Digimon Card Game, giving the skeleton of a top tier deck for an RRP of 14.99 €.