Set Information

The Ultimate Fighter: ST8 UlforceVeedramon

Impressive reprints and fun combo gameplay are both packed into ST8 UlforceVeedramon. Along with the Gallantmon deck, ST8 offers a compelling route into the game for new players, with a deck that competes right out of the box, and access to splashable blue cards if they decide to branch out.

A Card Draw Engine Like No Other

One of the strongest, and most fun, parts of any card game is drawing cards, since it provides opportunities to find missing pieces, or dig yourself out of a hole. Blue has had access to good draw support for a while, but that gets taken up a notch with Coredramon, the new Security Digimon. At first, glance, paying six memory to activate the On Play Draw 2 effect seems steep, but it also activates if an opponent checks it in security, while netting you a free Level four to boot. In other card games, a card that allows you to draw two cards would be considered too good, and Coredramon is likely too good to pass up, even finding a home in Security Control decks, which may not even contain any other blue cards.

But the card draw from Coredramon is with purpose, with many effects in ST8 activating at eight or more cards in hand, including the whole Veedramon package. Veedramon itself becomes a useful stalling tool, bouncing a Rookie back to hand, but the real fun starts with AeroVeedramon. At a respectable 7000 DP, it would not normally be a card you would want to swing into Security due to the risk of it being Deleted, but Jamming makes the checks mostly risk-free, and the deck facilitates attacking with AeroVeedramon multiple times, in combination with Victory Sword. Multiple attacks are the name of the game, as the boss monster UlforceVeedramon can unsuspend when the magic eight cards in hand condition are met, punching in for two attacks at 12000 DP. If the UlfoceVeedramon Digivolved from AeroVeedramon, this enables up to four security checks in a single turn, as both the unsuspend and Inherited Security +1 effects are live.

Warp Speed Digivolution

The low end of the deck also comes with some interesting inclusions. Gabumon struts his stuff by granting an extra 1000 DP if you have eight cards in hand, but the other two Rookies make the deck tick along. Dracomon's On Play allows you to reveal three cards from the top of the deck and at a card containing Dramon to your hand, which conveniently makes up most of the Level 4 or higher Digimon. Veemon has a conditional effect allowing you to skip over the Champion and Ultimate stages to get UlforceVeedramon into play at lightning speed, which can either help rush games or even mount a comeback!