Set Information

Enter The Dragon: ST9 Ultimate Dragon

Imperialdramon makes another appearance in ST9: Ultimate Dragon. The Dragon Mode version, along with new Paildramon and Dinobeemon cards released on 13 May 2022 and changed the way X the iconic Digimon is played.

DNA Digivolving: Combining to Reach New Heights

Fans of the Digimon Adventure 02 series will all be familiar with Veemon and Wormmon, the partner Digimon to the main protagonist / antagonist in the series. This particular Veemon is a huge consistency piece for other Veemon related decks, searching the top three cards of the deck for Digimon with Free in the traits. This allows it to find a home with the new Armor cards released in BT8 and can help keep a steady stream of Digimon hitting the board.

Meanwhile, Wormmon makes a nod to the later part of the series, when Veemon and Wormmon team up, DNA Digivovling into Paildramon or Dinobeemon. With the inheritable allowing the effect to trigger at the end of turn, this provides opportunities to use memory efficiently, before ending with a powerful On Digivolve effect to flip the tide of the game. In this case, Dinobeemon can provide a freeze effect on a Digimon, suspending it until your next turn, while Paildramon tucks smaller threats to the bottom of the deck. The latter also continues the trend of Imperialdramon related Digimon having unsuspend effects, granting them multiple swings per turn. In fact, this card goes one step further no. It is now possible to attack with both the blue and green sources before Digivovling, DNA Digivolve for free and unsuspend while doing so, then attack two more times!

The New Ancient Dragon

If your opponent somehow manages to survive that burst of attacks, they also have to navigate ST9's top end in the form of Imperialdramon Dragon Mode. While not cheap to Digivolve, with a cost of 4, it does net an immediate two bodies on board, playing two of the sources out from underneath it. In most cases, this would be both the level 3 and 4, but the real power plays come when the stack has already DNA Digivolved. In this case, it is possible to play out both Champions, say ExVeemon and Stingmon, which could immediately DNA Digivolve again. This could come with another swing or two, but is not entirely without downside: Imperialdramon would lose access to the Inherited Effects, removing some card draw and DP.

This can be overcome by adding in Imperialdramon Fighter Mode from BT8, which almost acts as a Level 6.5, with a reduced cost if Digivolving from Dragon Mode. Then the deck gets access to even more Unsuspend effects, and extra ways to disrupt the opponent. For someone looking to take the next step, ST9: Ultimate Dragon offers a solid foundation to build on, with affordable upgrade paths.