Changes to Exportable Buying and Selling Statistics

29.06.2022 14:03

Changes to Exportable Buying and Selling Statistics


We have decided to add a couple extra pieces of information to the exportable buying and selling statistics. For the monthly list of sales and purchased shipments, in the 7th, 8th, 18th, and 19th column, we have added the professional status of the customer/seller, their VAT ID, the product ID, and the localized product name, respectively. Date of purchase, article count, shipment costs, total value, commission, currency type, and description are now columns 9 through 17 to accommodate the change.

For the list of sold articles and purchased articles, the 4th and 5th column now show the Product ID and Localized Product name, with the later statistics similarly adjusted by two columns. Please note that both changes will affect how the statistics page exports onto your CSV or Excel file and if you use the export feature for bookkeeping, you should update your methods to account for this change. These changes will be added to the website as of 05 July 2022.

We hope these changes provide some much-needed clarity for bookkeeping and other purposes and we wish everyone a happy July!

Your Cardmarket Team