Set Information

Vashr Brings Players Multicolor Cards in Dragoborne's Reckoning of Vashr

Reckoning of Vashr promises to shake up the entire Dragoborne meta. Released on 26 October 2018, the set introduces multicolor cards to the game, which means a brand-new layer of complexity added to the game's rules. Multicolor cards will require one of each energy types represented to cast them as part of their normal costs and will generally be stronger, given the increased requirements in casting them. The expansion depicts the Dragolords of Vashr who will further deepen the divide between the five nations. Clearer color allegiances will be established, as players see which two-color pairings are favored. But that's enough about the mechanical additions. Let's dig into what players are actually getting.

A Multicolor Card for Every Occasion

The most significant addition in Reckoning of Vashr is obviously the multicolor cards, which offer a slightly altered paradigm for the amount of power offered at specific costs. Cards like the Angel of Denial offer an on-curve ATK and EDR rating, while providing a taxing effect with a black banner, a recursion effect when it dies, and an activated ability that returns opposing creatures to their owner's hands. That's a lot of power in one card and will certainly make for an interesting build around Blue-Black Control strategies.

Angel of Judgment, on the other hand, is an aggressive creature who is tougher on your opponent's turn, gains ATK when attacking, and draws cards if it deals damage to a fort. The power to replenish one's hand in an aggressive deck cannot be overstated. Furthermore, the aggressive cost and stat line make this card easy to play early in the game and relatively tough to kill, at least on the opponent's turn.

The last multicolored Angel worth talking about is a quirky build-around called Angel of Mystery. This blue-green Angel comes with an extremely high EDR and no ATK, making this a potentially advantageous card. However, as when you have a blue banner, she pumps the EDR of your team and causes players to deal damage equal to their EDR rather than their attack. The best part is she can't ever truly be destroyed as she'll simply move to your resource zone, from which she can be re-summoned through her activated ability.

All three cards have high potential and it will be interesting to see how these and the other multicolor cards of Vashr stack up against their single-color brethren.

High Impact Dragons

The other major theme of Reckoning of Vashr are Dragons, as this set does depict the Dragolords of Vashr. The Dragons are all single-color and similarly named. Dragon of Omniscience costs a whopping eight resources, but reduces your opponent's maximum hand size by seven, increases all your draws by one, and negates your opponent's creatures' effects whenever any creature attacks – definitely powerful, though very difficult to play. Dragon of Divine Penance punishes those seeking omniscience by preventing your opponent from attacking whenever they draw two or more cards. Lastly, Dragon of Origins, which costs nine resources, cannot be chosen by opposing spells and punches through blocking creatures into forts. It also hits all forts whenever dealing damage to any fort, though only once per turn preventing itself from going infinite.

These aren't the only interesting Dragons (and cards) in Reckoning of Vashr as all of them have powerful effects overall, so be sure to check them out and all the other multicolor goodness in Dragoborne's latest (and final) expansion!