Set Information

Surge of Titans Brings Huge Monsters to Dragoborne, Unsurprisingly

Released on 6 July 2018, the fourth booster pack volume of Bushiroad's new trading card game Dragoborne has arrived – Surge of Titans. The expansion consists of 80 cards, split into 10 double rares, 20 rares, 20 uncommons, and 30 commons. Each booster pack contains eight cards and each booster display contains 20 packs.

Surge of Titans is focused on, as the name might suggest, legendary creatures, such as Angels, Leviathans, and Dragons. Let's dive into the expansion's treacherous waters and see what there is to like.

Titans Are Cool but Spells that Slay Titans Are Cooler

The spells in Dragoborne's fourth expansion range from fairly underwhelming to incredibly powerful. Spells like Albert's Gift can strategically kill two creatures on your opponent's field, making it a nice two-for-one in tough spots. However, it requires two resource cards and is limited in what it can kill.

Soulsiphon, on the other hand, costs three resource cards, and can destroy all creatures in an opposing fort. It can also just choose an opposing creature and destroy it. This is a powerful effect for such a low cost, often leading to at least a two-for-one trade or better, while not being nearly as restrictive as Albert's Gift. Additionally, Soulsiphon forces your opponent to play around the card, limiting how many creatures they will want to bunch up at one fort, given that you can kill them all at once. This means the card has a serious psychological effect on the gameplay, assuming it does end up seeing play. But kill spells aren’t the only cards worth talking about in a site revolving around titans.

Booster Pack Vol. 4 Has Angels, Dragons, and Dinosaurs

Creatures are the primary driving force of Dragoborne and Surge of Titans is no exception. 70 of the 80 total cards are creatures. They are split into types: Cards like Lyssandra, Angel of Fervor is a 5/3 Angel that costs four resources and when destroyed, can move another of your yellow creatures to the fort that was previously occupied by Lyssandra. Dirge, the Corrupted is a hefty 6/4 Dragon with Overflow, a new ability that lets creatures deal excess damage to another creature. The card is immune to red and black, and when blocked by a red and black creature, it gains Deadly. Dirge is a potent threat against Black/Red (BR) decks for sure. Scourgelord Turannos is a 4/4 Dinosaur that costs four resources and when a creature with four or more ATK is summoned, you may choose an opposing ambush and destroy it. That’s a lot of fours, but it definitely shows the card's power in destroying your opponent's defenses.

Whatever your favorite tribe is, Booster Pack Vol. 4: Surge of Titans has got you covered. Now go out there and sleeve up some Dinos, Angels, and Dragons in Bushiroad's latest TCG.