Cardmarket News: COVID-19

Cardmarket News: COVID-19

2020-03-13 13:19:20

To All Cardmarket Users,

We here at Cardmarket are following the growing COVID-19 pandemic closely and the effects it might have on the website moving forward.

Firstly, Cardmarket intends to continue normal operation during the crisis and will keep users informed about any changes to the service if and when they become necessary. However, most countries that operate on Cardmarket are either already instituting large quarantines or are at risk of doing so in the very near future. As such, there are several things regarding business on the website that both buyers and sellers should keep in mind:

  1. For buyers: It's important, currently, for Cardmarket users to accept cancellations rather than reject them. In some cases, post cannot be delivered to the user's address or sellers are unable to leave their homes to ship packages.

  2. For sellers: If you're area is quarantined, or you can't deliver post for any reason, please set your accounts to "On Vacation."

  3. For everyone: As the situation unfolds, mail all around Europe will likely slow down a great deal. It is important, therefore, that everyone be patient while waiting for their packages.

Please keep these things in mind when ordering or listing items on Cardmarket. We will continue to monitor the situation and to update you as we learn more.

Thank you for your continued support and use of Cardmarket,

Your Cardmarket Team