Cardmarket Welcomes LilianaMarket Users!

12.01.2021 09:00

Cardmarket Welcomes LilianaMarket Users!

LilianaMarket quickly grew into one of the leading MTG trading websites in the UK, bringing something fresh to the online marketplace. Since then, Cardmarket has sought to improve its own marketplace in the United Kingdom. The first step toward this was ensuring that UK users can use their own currency – Pounds Sterling – on the website.

The second step involved combining the power of LilianaMarket and Cardmarket into one single platform where all UK users can buy and sell trading cards with the greater European marketplace. To this end, LilianaMarket and Cardmarket are joining forces and focusing exclusively on maximizing the user experience for UK users on the Cardmarket website. We are welcoming a lot of new UK users from LilianaMarket, with their evaluations and inventories intact, ensuring a larger and more robust marketplace on Cardmarket. Migrated LilianaMarket accounts will also have a LilianaMarket badge, so be sure to look around and check out our new users’ inventories. Look out for more improvements to the UK marketplace and to all our regional marketplaces moving forward.

And a big welcome to our new Cardmarket family from LilianaMarket!

Your Cardmarket Team