Set Information

Dual-Colored Cards Make Their Grand Appearance in Booster Pack 7

Launching on 2 August 2019 (usually two weeks later in Europe), the Dragon Ball Super Card Game releases its seventh booster pack and the first pack of the Infinite Unity block, Assault of the Saiyans. The set contains a total of 235 cards, including foil & non-foil variants of Commons and Uncommons. Also included are 16 Super Rares, two Secret Rares, and a whopping number of 14 Special Rares, of which four are signed, reminiscent of the the SPRs from the Tournament of Power Themed Booster. With how well the original signed Special Rares were received by fans, it is without a doubt that these new ones are going to make an impact!

Speaking of impact, one of the most impactful cards from this set may just be Denial of Hope, a 2 cost red Extra card with [Counter: Play]. Requiring a red Leader card to be played, Denial of Hope immediately places the opponent's active cards into the Drop area instead of the Battle area, but only if that card has 20000 Power or less. This is a super strong effect for red control decks as it is capable of negating opposing cards that are otherwise hard to remove or skills that could turn the tide of the game. (For example, it can KO Zen-Oh, The Plain God before it resets the game state or Son Goku, Path to Greatness whose [Barrier] would have otherwise been hard to deal with.) Denial of Hope is without a doubt one of the most exciting cards of the set and could even be enough to bring red decks such a Frieza : Br into the tournament scene.

The next cards to watch out for are Raditz, the Oppressor & Urgent Aid Kami. These will be familiar to players as re-colors of the frequently played Burnished Bonds Borgos. These cards have two skills: First, when played, these cards allow the player to draw a card, quickly replacing itself. Second, when the opponent switches an Energy to Active Mode using a non-[Awaken] skill, you can place one of your opponent's Energy in the Drop area. This is a powerful skill that prevents your opponents from extending their turn and forces them to first deal with your cards before taking huge turns. Borgos was a huge reason as to why blue has been often played and it’s possible that these green and red alternatives could possibly push their respective colors into the limelight.

Brand-New Skills for a Brand-New Block

Assault of the Saiyans not only brings back old skills, but it also introduces new ones. One of such is [Counter: Attack] as seen in For the Greater Good. This seems a fairly standard type of negate at first, but when played, it negates an attack and KOs a 1 cost card the opponent controls. However, For the Greater Good really shines with its second skill. While in the Drop area, the card can be played by removing itself plus one green card from the game, effectively turning any card in hand into a negate and granting further flexibility to any deck playing a green Leader card. This new type of negate will certainly be seen in competitive play due to the flexibility of its defensive nature.

When Does the Assault of the Saiyans Begin?

Assault of the Saiyans is available in 24-pack booster boxes or individual booster packs that contain 12 cards each. As always, each pack contains eight Commons, three Uncommons, as well as one Rare or higher card. Like previous sets, the manufacturer's suggested retail price for each booster pack is 3,99 €.