Set Information

New and Old Unite in Battle Evolution Booster!

Releasing on 5 March 2021, Battle Evolution Booster promises to bring old and new together with 57 long-awaited reprints alongside 68 brand-new cards. New players will be able to get hold of the ever-popular Senzu Bean that has been notoriously hard to find, while existing players have a whole heap of exciting new cards to try out.  Here's a brief look into some of the cards you'll be able to get hold of this March!

Majin Buu and Kid Goku Get Some Backup

Majin Buu is back once again to unleash more shenanigans on the Dragon Ball Super Card Game with Majin Buu, Revitalizing Absorption. This new one-cost blue card is an amazing addition to Buu decks, capable of replacing itself immediately by drawing a card when played. Buu is then able to swap out into a bigger and better Buu for just 3 Energy. Your Buu of choice is probably going to be Ultimate Absorption Majin Buu in order to swing for up to 6 Damage, while also clearing threats from the opponent's board. This new Buu is great for early card advantage while also acting as a time-bomb the opponent has to deal with.

Energy Buu isn't the only strategy that got new cards, though. Skill-less Kid Goku also got a whole load of new cards. The first card we have to talk about is Son Goku, the Path to Power. This new five-cost Kid Goku works with all the existing support you'd expect from the skill-less deck. It brings some new bonuses though. First off, Goku can reduce its energy requirement to two so long as you have two skill-less cards in the drop area, an easy requirement for the existing strategy. The effect where Goku really shines, however, is his ability to recur 2 Cost skill-less Battle cards when it attacks! Combine this with its formidable 25.000 Power and Double Strike and you've got an incredible offensive threat as early as turn two!

Normally, Skill-less Goku decks have been renowned for winning and losing by their ability to get to Son Goku the Adventure Begins. A brand-new card introduced in the set makes this even easier for those employing this deck's strategy! Android Eight, Helping a Friend is a new 1 Cost Battle card capable of reviving any 1 Cost black Battle card with 5.000 Power or less, whether that is the previously mentioned Son Goku or even Bonds of Friendship Android Eight. This new Android is another great addition for the skill-less deck and could make the deck an even tougher opponent after the set launches.

Broly Fans Rejoice

Fans of Broly will be excited to see some new support headed their way, with cards supporting the original Broly strategy introduced way back in the first set!  Broly, the Swift Berserker fills multiple previously unfilled holes in the deck, for example.  Being a four-cost green card, Broly would normally struggle to find a place in the deck, but thanks to its nifty skill, it's able to cheat itself out for just a single Energy in exchange for a one-cost Broly or Field card. When you make this sacrifice, Broly gets to stick around and evolve into any Broly with Evolve for just one extra Energy while simultaneously clearing out an opponent's Battle card. Playing Broly, The Rampaging Horror has never been easier and it combos amazingly with even more Broly cards introduced in the set. But... you'll have to look for yourself!