Set Information

Super Saiyans, the Frieza Saga, and a Brand-New Rarity

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game launches its third themed booster, Clash of Fates. This set is the first themed booster of the Shenron Wishes block and returns to the Frieza Saga with new support for a variety of decks. The set contains a total of 125 cards, including six Super Rares, eight Special Rares, and four cards in a brand-new rarity: Feature Rare [FR]! All Feature Rares are brand-new cards that feature characters from the upcoming movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Clash of Fates brings both the past and present together. Fans of the Dragon Ball Z anime will recognize cards displaying scenes from the iconic Frieza Saga, such as the first time Goku ever went Super Saiyan, making the set perfect for both collectors as well as players looking to improve their decks with new powerful cards.

Themed Booster 3: Clash of Fates Changes the Meta

What better way to start 2019, than by introducing a card of the brand-new rarity: Son Goku, Striving to be the Best is a Feature Rare that is just waiting to shake up the Dragon Ball Super metagame. Until now, Aggressive Swap decks have run rampant, utilizing low-cost Battle Cards to quickly deal damage on the first few turns without giving the opponent a chance to build-up their own game plan. However, Goku is going to change this. Son Goku, Striving to be the Best is a 2 Cost blue card, wielding a modest 10000 Power but with a special skill – as long as Son Goku, Striving to be the Best is in the battle area, your opponent cannot attack with Battle Cards that cost two or less. This essentially shuts down the currently popular Aggro Swap strategy, preventing them from attacking at all and allowing Son Goku's user to completely control the game. On top of this, Son Goku also has the Barrier skill, ensuring that when he hits the battle area, he stays around. This card alone may be enough to decimate the current aggressive strategies dominating the game and is, without a doubt, a card that is going to be on most players' minds.   

Wish to Porunga is an exciting new card. It is a 3 Cost black Desire card and is only playable by black Shenron Leaders, who will be able to play the card for free using their skills. When played, the player chooses one card on each side of the field with equal costs and ignores Barrier. Both players then return all cards in the battle area and in their hands to the deck, except the chosen cards, then both draw five cards. Wish to Porunga effectively resets all the advantages an opponent may have, allowing for a quick comeback from an otherwise lost game. Many players know of the "Chain Attack Trunks into Zen-Oh, The Plain God" combo which effectively does the same and has already become popular in several decks. However, Wish to Porunga offers the distinct advantage of being free-to-play from a Shenron Leader’s skill, allowing the player to fully utilize all the Energy that turn, whilst the Chain-Zeno combo costs 3-4 Energy and requires two cards. Clearly, Wish to Porunga is a strong card that Shenron players should definitely take into consideration.

Preemptive Strike is another interesting card from Clash of Fates. This is the TCG's first green Counter:Play card. For 2 green Energy, Preemptive Strike sends any 4 Cost or less Battle Card being played by the opponent to the Drop Area rather than the battle area. A simple yet very effective effect because it can stop powerful cards, such as Foreseeing Hit, from ever hitting the field; therefore, bypassing their skills and essentially ending the turn of an opponent who walks into the trap. Perhaps Preemptive Strike will be enough to bring green Leader cards back into the metagame. The card will most likely be seen everywhere, especially as it’s only an Uncommon and could bring added disruption to certain decks, such as Androids.

The final card to discuss is Vegeta, Striving to be the Best, a yellow Battle Card with a strong aggressive skill. The card is effectively the opposite of the previously discussed Son Goku, Striving to be the Best. When played, the card allows the player to KO any Battle Card in Rest Mode so long as that card has Barrier. Additionally, if this skill is used, the player is also able to switch an energy to Active Mode, meaning the card is essentially a 1 Cost card when used to its full potential. Recently, slower decks have been relying on cards such as the Deadly Defenders and Awe-Inspiring Intimidator SSB Vegito to stall the game until they are able to win. Vegeta directly counters this strategy, removing any of the Defenders or Vegito from the field and allowing the player to continue attacking the opponent. Vegeta, Striving to be the Best is certainly a strong card and definitely one worth picking up if the metagame becomes flooded with Barrier Battle Cards.

When Does the Frieza Saga Return

Clash of Fates releases on 31 January 2019 and is available in 24-pack booster boxes or individual booster packs, containing 12 cards each. As always, each pack contains eight Commons, three Uncommons, and one Rare or higher card. Booster packs may also contain a foil version of a Common or Uncommon as well as a Super Rare, Special Rare, Secret Rare, or the brand-new Feature Rare. The set is comprised of 125 cards and for the first time ever, non-Super Rare cards will be available as Special Rares. Like previous sets, the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) for Clash of Fates is 3,99 €.