Set Information

Colossal Warfare Has More Cards Than Ever Before

Colossal Warfare is the final booster set of Dragon Ball Super TCG’s Over Realm block. The set brings some of the most powerful cards the game has ever seen, both for existing decks and brand-new ones. Consisting of 218 cards in total with 124 unique cards, Colossal Warfare is the largest Dragon Ball Super booster pack to be released so far. Unlike previous sets, players will find two Secret Rares in Colossal Warfare, giving collectors twice the incentive to pick up boosters.

Fans of the TV series will find cards from all eras of Dragon Ball with cards such as Reign of Terror King Piccolo from the original Dragon Ball series up to fan favorite, Saiyan Onslaught Kefla  from the latest Dragon Ball Super installment.

Introducing Four Brand New Mechanics

Colossal Warfare not only introduces brand new cards, but it also brings forth brand new game mechanics.

Swap is a new mechanic which allows players to return a card to their hand and in return, play stronger cards but for less energy. This is clearly a strong skill, allowing players to easily gain board presence. Bardock, the Progenitor is one of the strongest and most anticipated cards of the set with this new mechanic, giving yellow decks access to a card that can Awaken as early as Turn 1. With the new Swap skill, the card can therefore be used multiple times!

Bond is another new mechanic. Like the true meaning of the word, the Bond mechanic is linked to a specific skill that can only be activated if the player controls the listed number of Battle Cards. Currently, the skill is limited to the new Namekian cards only. It does allow, however, for these cards to have extremely powerful effects with the player's number of Battle Cards controlled as its only limitation. Kami’s Power Piccolo is one such card that can be played in any green deck. In the past, it was cards such as Determined Super Saiyan Son Gohan that were popular in green decks for their non-discriminate Battle Card removal skills. Kami’s Power Piccolo takes this a step further, allowing players to KO any Battle Card once per turn so long as they control another one. As if this wasn't enough, the card becomes even stronger thanks to its Double Strike and Barrier abilities. Bond is definitely a new skill to look out for, especially with its upcoming support in Starter Deck: The Guardian of Namekians.

Deflect may be the simplest of the new skills, but it is one of the most impactful. Cards with Deflect are unaffected by Counter:Play skills. Players will finally be able to conduct their strategies without fear of Cold Bloodlust! One of the most powerful yet controversial cards in the entire set which has the Deflect skill is Time Control Chronoa. This is a 1(-) Energy Black card that can be played in all decks. This card allows the player to draw one card, plus it prevents the opposing player from playing their Battle Cards through its Super Combo skill. Time Control Chronoa is going to be a must-have for all players who want to finally ward-off the threat of Unwavering Solidarity Shugesh.

The final new mechanic puts a twist on an old skill. Dark Over Realm is similar to the original Over Realm, but it is played based on the number of black cards in your Drop Area rather than the total number of cards. Cards played through Dark Over Realm also stay in the battle area until the end of the turn instead of getting Warped unlike the normal Over Realm.

Fans of black decks can rejoice as they can now maintain board pressure with cards that are able to stick around after Turn 1. Additionally, black decks gain further support with some of the most powerful cards of the set. Demigra // Ghastly Malice Demigra is the brand-new black Leader, supporting cards from Starter Deck: The Dark Invasion, Cross Worlds, and Expansion Set: Dark Demon's Villains. Demigra has multiple skills that push players towards playing an entirely all-black deck. Once awakened, Ghastly Malice Demigra allows the player to bypass the normal activation limit of one Over Realm or Dark Over Realm per turn. This enables you to put a huge amount of pressure on your opponent. Furthermore, playing multiple cards in one turn, such as Scientist Fu or Increasing Evil Masked Saiyan, is a surefire way to gain card advantage.

Colossal Warfare Release Date and Price

Colossal Warfare launched on 13 July 2018 and is available in 24 pack booster boxes or individual booster packs, containing 12 cards each. As with all Dragon Ball Super booster packs, each pack contains 8 Commons, 3 Uncommons, and 1 Rare or higher card. Booster packs may also contain the foil version of a Common or Uncommon. Like previous DBS TCG sets, the suggested MSRP for Colossal Warfare is $ 3.99 (est. 3.99 €).